We must all support our health care workers at this critical time

As humanity faces one of its toughest challenges we are in for a hell of a fight. I say then: FIGHT IT! Fight it with all your might and resolve that we will never let a virus destroy what has taken us and generations to achieve. We will, as one, come through. Yes, there will be tears and time to mourn but we cannot let anxiety rule our lives. Never forget who and what you care about – your family, your values and those small things that make you who you are.

Talk to your family, friends and neighbours often. Make a phone call to let them know you are okay and check on their wellbeing. Importantly be kind to yourself, and your family – they are the most important people you have. Love them and let them know you love them.

Patriotic songs such as “I Still Call Australia Home” and “I Come From A Land Down Under” spring to mind. That may be corny to some people, but they uplift the spirit- something we will surely need.  

We are turning more and more urgently to our doctors, nurses, and all health care professionals including paramedics. They have always been important but now that is truer than ever before. They will be critical to our community’s successful navigation of the frightening challenges we all face. 

The truth is our health care system is and will continue to experience the severest pressure it has ever faced. Our doctors, nurses and all health professionals including paramedics will be pushed and tested in ways we cannot understand or imagine. But every single one of us has a role to play in this. There are very straight forward things that you and I can do to help ensure our health care workers are given the best possible environment to see us to the other side of the pandemic.

It’s simple. Stay at home so they can go to work.

I do not for one second suggest that this act of social distancing is “easy”, specifically from an emotional and psychological standpoint. We will all be experiencing the challenges that go along with this. But now more than ever it is vital.

We cannot guarantee 100% elimination of transfer of the virus but by reducing our contact with each other and areas outside of our home we reduce that transfer. By doing so, less of us will be sick at the one time putting less stress on doctors, nurses and our health system. 

Social media has been filled with pictures of health care workers from across the globe holding signs that share the same message. “We stay at work for you. You stay at home for us.”

So Caloundra, acknowledge that our doctors, nurses and all health care professionals including paramedics will continue to be at significant risk from infection. They know this, they accept it, but their acceptance means we have a clear obligation. Stay apart and remember that we can keep in touch without touching. Stay Safe.