State Member for Caloundra welcomes upgrade to Ridgewood Road / Caloundra Road Intersection but as usual with Labor, no details

Photo taken of Mr McArdle and Mr Coward with Greg Walker of the Ridgewood Road Residents Committee before social distancing.

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle, though welcoming the very late Labor announcement to upgrade the intersection of Ridgewood Road and Caloundra Road at a cost of $3.75m, has asked WHEN the critical works will take place.  

“After many years of fighting for this upgrade, whilst Labor continued to put users at risk and in fact put their lives in jeopardy, the Labor Government has finally seen the necessity to put in an upgrade,” Mr McArdle said.

“But as is usual with Labor, there is no detail. One question is when it will happen?

“I have fought and long hard with the people who use the intersection to ensure this upgrade happens. If we had not done so it would only been a matter of time before someone had been killed. Labor again come late to the party. Remember they have been in Government since early 2015.

“The media release issued by Palaszczuk and Bailey makes no statement of when construction will start and when the lights and crossing will be operational. No details but we should not be surprised.

“The Labor Government had ignored this crisis for years. They had put in place, in essence, a “stop-go work order” ensuring nothing was undertaken until public pressure had been brought to bear by people who live in the area.

“This is a critical piece of infrastructure and should have been done by this government a long time ago.

“I want to congratulate the people of Ridgewood Road and I have fully supported their efforts to achieve the outcome that has come through hard work.  

“Again, it’s another matter that this Labor Government has to be dragged to the table to get any effective work out of them,” Mr McArdle concluded.

Why is it only when we have an election that we see any attention to Caloundra from the Labor Government,” asked Stuart Coward, LNP Candidate for Caloundra

“Too little too late Labor, you had four years to make a difference and failed,” Mr Coward concluded.