Some Aura Students will never attend Baringa State High School

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle said today that because of poor planning by the Labor State Government some Aura students will never attend Baringa State High School.

“In conversation with a senior officer of Education Queensland recently I was told that in 2021 Baringa State High School will open with Grades 7 and 8 only.  Each year thereafter only one additional class will be added e.g. Grade 9 opens in 2022, so that by 2025 Grade 12 will be open,” Mr McArdle said.

“What that means is that any student who entered Grade 6 in 2018 and will be in Grade 9 in 2021, will never attend Baringa State High School

“These students will have to continue to leave their home to attend Meridan State College for the rest of the schooling life.

“It also means families who move to the area with students that will be in Grade 9 in 2021 or more senior grades will never attend Baringa State High School. It is easy to conceive that you will have students in 9 and 10 from a family having to travel out of the area while their younger siblings will be able to attend Baringa High School.

“This lack of planning and foresight can be laid at this lazy Labor Government. They could not even organise to have Grade 9 commence in 2021 so students who were currently at Meridan State College could return to their home area for schooling.

 “In addition, this raises the question of whether buses will continue to transport students to and from Meridan State College until grade 12 opens in 2025 a period of 5 years. Importantly parents should not have to travel unnecessary distances because of poor Government planning.

“Increasingly the burden will be placed upon parents, who have children in both schools to go in both directions. Bus services must be guaranteed. This is a critical issue for parents as they want to ensure their children are safe, travelling to and from their schools.”

“I have been listening to the local Baringa parents who say they are being let down by a Labor Government that hasn’t prioritised the education needs of a growing local community.” stated Stuart Coward, LNP Candidate for Caloundra

“The local P and C have led a hard-fought campaign to fast-track the new high school, but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears,” Mr Coward said

“The Government again has failed, and it is the children and their parents who are going to suffer,” Mr McArdle concluded.