William Landsborough Plaque will be replaced

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has today thanked the Caloundra Residents Association for working with him to push the issue of the long-deteriorated William Landsborough Memorial Plaque as Council finally confirms that it will be replaced.

“The Resident’s Association first made me aware of the state of the plaque earlier this year and I commend them for taking a special interest in ensuring its waning condition was not ignored,” Mr McArdle said.

William Landsboruogh Plaque.JPG

“I met with Ian Smyth (President), Peter Ryan and Brady Sullivan from the executive committee in July and we agreed that something needed to be done about the plaque.

Caloundra Residents Association Vice-President Peter Ryan said he was pleased that the Sunshine Coast Council had agreed to finance the replacement of the William Landsborough memorial plaque in the park named after him.

“The original plaque, well weathered and worn, recently uncovered by the association, is currently in an inconspicuous corner of the park which is in the centre of the Golden Beach Shopping Centre. Council decided to replace the plaque when it was found that repairs would be uneconomical,” Mr Ryan said.

“I believe this plaque and the park in which it resides, are important reminders to future generations of the contribution that explorer William Landsborough made to Caloundra,” Mr Ryan concluded.

“To some it may seems like a simple, nearly forgotten decoration on a plinth but this plaque and others like are important reminders of our history. Organisations such as the Residents Association play a vital role in monitoring these types of issues in our community to make sure they are being looked after by the relevant level of Government,” Mr McArdle said.

“Council has advised that officers were unable to restore the existing plaque and that they are currently arranging to install a new plaque in its place.

“I would like to congratulate Council on taking the step to replace this important memento of Caloundra’s history. I have written back to say that my offer to pay for at least half of the plaque still stands.

“I have also passed on the contact information of the Council’s Coordinator of Heritage Services to the Landsborough Museum so they can apply to display the plaque on loan. The team at the Museum say they would ‘all love to have the plaque on display’.

“All in all this is an excellent outcome for the memory of one of the founding fathers of Caloundra,” Mr McArdle concluded.