Replacement of William Landsborough’s Memorial plaque stalled in “investigations”

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today said a community bid to have the memorial plaque of William Landsborough replaced has been stalled with Council as their team investigates the matter.

It comes as Mr McArdle wrote to the Council about his intentions to work with the Caloundra Residents Association to fund the replacement of a bronze plaque memorialising founding Caloundra settler and famous explorer William Landsborough, which has deteriorated over the years.


“After meeting with members of the local Residents Association, I wrote to the Council on 3 July to advise that I had received a quote of $1,032.90 to have an exact replica of the plaque cast in a stronger metal and affixed to the rock,” Mr McArdle said.

“I also asked, as this falls under the jurisdiction of Council, would they cover half the cost, otherwise I am prepared to fund it completely. I was promptly advised that the Community Response Team are ‘still investigating this matter’

“As we are nearing the expiry of the initial quote and I have yet to receive an update from Council, I wrote again today seeking permission to fund the plaque in full. As the plaque is the property of the Council I cannot undertake the replacement without their consent.

“In the follow-up letter I also requested the Council’s permission to donate the original plaque to the Landsborough Museum as it is a cultural artefact of great significance to our region and deserves a place in our historical archives.

“Until the time at which I am granted permission by Council to pay for the replacement of the memorial plaque, it appears it will remain in disrepair,” Mr McArdle concluded.

William Landsborough was one of Queensland’s earliest explorers, best known for leading the search for Burke and Wills, and becoming the first European to cross the continent from the Gulf to Melbourne. Landsborough purchased 2372 acres of land on the Pumicestone Passage that he named “Loch Lamerough” – which is modern day Golden Beach. Landsborough passed away in 1886 and was laid to rest on his land. In 1913 his widow had him re-interred in Toowong Cemetery.