State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has today called upon Transport Minister Mark Bailey to honour his commitment to meet with Ridgewood Road residents while Cabinet is on the Coast in March this year.

“Earlier this year I wrote to Minister Bailey asking if he would meet the residents of Ridgewood Road to discuss the intersection that has so endangered their lives for many years,” Mr McArdle said.

“His office’s response was;

‘The Minister has offered to meet with Mr McArdle and his constituents at a future date when he is next in your area. As soon as I have a date for this, I will contact your office to organise a suitable time.’

“As Cabinet is now going to be on the Sunshine Coast in March of this year, I again wrote to the Minister’s office and was advised,

‘I will certainly factor this meeting in to our planning for that week and I’ll come back to you when I know more on the schedule for the week to work out a suitable time.’

“I call upon the Minister now to honour his commitment. Ridgewood Road Residents have lived for years with a very dangerous situation and he now has a very clear obligation to follow through with his actions of agreeing to meet with them.


“It will only be a matter of time before someone is killed at the intersection. There have been a number of very near misses and people have been lucky to get away with their lives.”

Greg Walker, a long term fighter for the upgrade to the intersection said he hoped the Minister would not only honour his commitment to meet with residents, but also ensure the upgrade went ahead.

“This is something we as a community have been fighting for in excess of 10 years. We have finally been given approval for traffic lights to be installed but we are just waiting for the Minister to follow through with funding for our safety,” Mr Walker said.

“We welcome the Minister to visit our community when he is on the Coast next month, and witness firsthand what we deal with every day.”

“We have come so close in this fight. The Department of Transport has determined that traffic lights are suitable and recommend for this intersection but there is still the final hurdle of funding,” Mr McArdle said.

“I would suggest that Cabinets’ visit to the Coast would be the perfect opportunity to give these people the good news that their intersection upgrade is going to be funded.

“I think it’s time the Minister allows these residents to show him how something like an intersection can have a profound impact on their lives, and let them know that their decade-long fight for safety has been won,” Mr McArdle concluded.