Landsborough community to meet again on Rail Overpass?

The Landsborough community is waiting to hold a community forum on the future of the Landsborough Rail Overpass but State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle said the verdict is still out as to whether or not the Department of Transport and Main Roads will have representatives available to meet with residents at the forum.

It comes as Mr McArdle’s office wrote to TMR on 7 January asking if they would be available to attend a public forum in Landsborough in early 2019 so concerned residents and business owners could be provided with more information about the Overpass plan.

“Given the Government’s decision to push ahead with an Overpass at the Landsborough Station, the community is eager to meet again as part of the promised consultation,” Mr McArdle said.  

“Time is marching on and we need to get the details of this forum locked in but I am hesitant to do so without proper representation from TMR.

“This is a community that already feels they have long been left in the dark so I think it is vital to this forum that representatives from TMR be there to answer questions and hear the concerns of the community.

“You can be assured there are many questions to be addressed on land ownership, consultation and community input, to name just a few.

“As soon as I have details confirmed with TMR I will let residents and business owners in Landsborough know when and where the forum will take place.

“The biggest and most important thing Landsborough has fought for is to be heard and to be communicated with about a proposal that impacts the very future of their town. I will do everything I can to ensure that happens,” Mr McArdle concluded. 

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For further information contact: Media Unit, Office of Mark McArdle, 0438 449 243.