Bailey’s solution for Sunshine Coast’s “Longest Carpark” is utter nonsense: McArdle

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has today said a plan to ease traffic congestion on the Sunshine Coast’s “Longest Carpark” (Caloundra Road and Nicklin Way Roundabout) proposed by Transport Minister Mark Bailey is a nonsense solution.

It comes at the Transport Minister today announced that works would begin next month to install red and yellow traffic lights at the four approaches of the notorious roundabout at the intersection of Caloundra Road, Nicklin Way and Pelican Waters Blvd.

“The Minister was today quoted as saying ‘We anticipate the metering signals to mainly operate during the afternoon peak,’ demonstrating exactly how out of touch he is with the traffic issues in Caloundra.

“Everyone who travels to and from Caloundra knows with absolute certainty that morning traffic from 8am – 11am, 7 days per week, is horrendous.

“It is not just afternoons and to claim otherwise shows a complete lack of knowledge of reality,” Mr McArdle said

“It was also announced that $500,000 has been allocated for planning - how many more studies need to be undertaken to get this right? Traffic congestion on Caloundra Road is perhaps one of the biggest issues facing people living and working in Caloundra and Bailey’s quick fix “solution” is a farce.

“In November 2018 I announced with Andrew Powell MP and Jarrod Bleijie MP that an LNP Government would invest $15m to deliver critical infrastructure upgrades to this roundabout.

“Any solution must tackle traffic congestion in the mornings, 7 days per week, and it must encompass the installation of slip lanes and full traffic lights at this roundabout.

“Common sense dictates real solutions that will carry us into the future need to be invested in now. Quick fixes simply will not suffice.

“How many hours of our lives are we losing each year sitting on the Coast’s “Longest Carpark” and how much longer are we going to have to wait for real solutions.”


For further information contact: Media Unit, Office of Mark McArdle, 0438 449 243.