“We’ve waited long enough, Minister”  Residents demand funding for traffic lights at dangerous intersection

Residents of the Ridgewood Road estate have gathered this morning to read a letter addressed to Mark Bailey, Minister for Transport and Main Roads demanding urgent funding for the installation of crucial traffic lights at the dangerous intersection of Ridgewood and Caloundra Roads.


Chairman of the Ridgewood Road Resident Protest Group, Greg Walker said after more than a decade of fighting for a safer intersection it was determined in April 2018 that traffic lights were required. However it is little comfort to residents given that no funding has been committed by the State Government for this project. 

“Minister, fifteen years is a long time, and in that period, it is well known that the volume of traffic using Caloundra Road has intensified alarmingly,” Mr Walker said

“During that period, a number of endeavours by residents of this estate and also our State Member, Mark McArdle have sought to secure a safer negotiation of the intersection of Ridgewood and Caloundra Roads. 

“We are wondering whether other projects have had the lengthy gestation of ours, and suggest residents’ fifteen years of persistence may be setting a record for dogged tenacity.  Their frustration is, naturally, palpable.” 

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle said residents frustration was warranted and urged the Minister to push the funding for this project through before a serious accident occurred.

“Anger among residents of both sides of this intersection are growing. They have been told by The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) that traffic lights were the only suitable treatment for this intersection but the State Government has not made any funding available for it,” Mr McArdle said.

“To get this far, to be told that traffic lights should be installed but that the project would need to compete against ‘other priority infrastructure projects across the state’ feels like an awful dangling carrot.

“In my meeting with representatives of TMR North Coast this month it is clear the team is doing everything they can to secure this funding.

“The ball is in your court Minister. Let’s ensure these residents don’t wait another fifteen years to feel safe coming and going from their homes.”