Palaszczuk apparently forgot to govern for Caloundra

The Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle stated the Palaszczuk Labor Government has forgotten her promise to govern for all of Queensland as she and her Labor Treasurer have exorcised Caloundra from their conscience. 

“Despite her claim that in essence she is here for all Queenslanders, the awful truth is the budget for 2018-19 doesn’t back that up,” Mr McArdle said. 

“Caloundra’s population is set to explode with 50,000 people to move into Aura and 14,000 people into Harmony. This demands infrastructure be planned and delivered urgently. 

“I have in the past listed a number of critical initiatives so let’s see how we went.”


Item    - Slip Lanes of Nicklin Way/Caloundra I Outcome in Budget - Nil
Item - Mooloolah Community Centre obtaining a long-term lease/freehold title I Outcome in Budget -Nil
Item - Caloundra Hospital Injury and Illness Clinic operating 24/7 I Outcome in Budget Previously announced. No 24hr accident service
Item - Sunshine Coast Rail Duplication I Outcome in Budget - Minimal and insufficient – not matching the Feds
Item - Traffic Signals at Ridgewood/Caloundra Rds Intersection - Outcome in Budget Nil

“I don’t like ranking issues but I must say the debacle with the Baringa State High School is very concerning. The State Primary School opened this year and will have Grade Six students this year and in 2019 but the Baringa State Secondary School won’t open until 2021. This means students attending the Primary School, for up to two years, going to Meridan State College then coming back.

“What happens where there are two children, one in Grade Three and one in Grade Seven next year. More in petrol and new uniforms and more in time on the road. 

“Baringa is the first school specifically build for S.T.E.M and while Meridan is a good school, it is not a S.T.E.M College. 

“Why would the Labor Government build a Primary School but not build a Secondary School to transition grade six into grade seven without forcing students to go to a new school for at least a year and then come back. 

“Labor logic leading to another Labor debacle.”