After 12 months, the Palaszczuk Labor Government continue to leave patients on stretchers outside the Emergency Department of SCUH

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today accused the Labor State Government of not sufficiently funding the Sunshine Coast University Hospital to treat patients, with figures showing more and more patients are being left on stretchers for longer than 30 minutes. 

“From January to March 2018* patients have been left lying on stretchers in increasing numbers,” Mr McArdle said. 

“In January 2018, 27% of patients were left lying on a stretcher outside of the Emergency Department longer than 30 minutes. That figure increased to 29% in February and in March (the last reported month) that figure had blown out to 31%.

“That means in March of this year 31% of patients have been left on a stretcher longer than the benchmark time of 30 minutes, thereby delaying treatment.

“This hospital cost Queenslanders $1.8billion and it has now been operating for over 12 months. It is about time this Government admitted there are problems at the hospital shown by the fact patients are languishing on stretchers longer than 30 minutes.

“The flu season is upon us and there is nothing to show what the Labor Government has done to assist the people of the Coast to access the Emergency Department at the hospital. We know people go to the Emergency Department in greater numbers in winter.

“Hospitals are always flooded during the flu seasons with people who are seriously and dangerously ill.

“Sadly these figures mean paramedics wait longer at the Emergency Department when they should be back on the road.

“My real concern is the trend we are seeing will continue to escalate as I believe proper funding has not happened and that lack of funding will flow through to patients not being treated on time.  

“It is inconceivable that a hospital that is now 12 months old hasn’t worked out the bugs, or is it a matter of poor funding. Either way Coast residents suffer.”

*Qld Health Data

File pic of ramping at Sunshine Coast University Public Hospital

File pic of ramping at Sunshine Coast University Public Hospital