McArdle supports police view CCTV valuable tool for law enforcement

Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has called upon all Sunshine Coast Councillors to vote in favour of approving new CCTV cameras in Caloundra’s CBD at this week’s Council meeting. 

It comes following the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce’s successful application for a $140,000 Federal Government Grant for the purchase and installation of the cameras. 


Mr McArdle said CCTV cameras had many benefits including acting as a deterrent to crimes such as theft and assault, solving crimes and locating missing persons. 

“By no means will this be a standalone answer to crime,” Mr McArdle said. 

“But surely the benefits outweigh that.

“Caloundra is well known as a family-friendly tourist destination and contributes major cash-flow benefits to the wider Sunshine Coast economy.

“Let’s ensure those tourists as well as our local residents, including the elderly, feel safe in our great town.”

Mr McArdle said he 100 per cent agreed with Sunshine Coast police district officer Superintendent Darryl Johnson’s comments* that “CCTV continues to be a valuable tool for law enforcement and can be used effectively when integrated with a range of other crime-prevention strategies”. 

“We really are at the final hurdle and it’s now up to council to determine the future direction of Caloundra,” Mr McArdle said. 


Image: File pic of Bulcock Street