Private Members' Statement 3 May 2018 - Ridgewood Road and Caloundra Road Intersection

Ridgewood Road and Caloundra Road Intersection

Mr McARDLE (Caloundra—LNP) (2.42 pm): I rise today to talk about the issue of the Ridgewood Road and Caloundra Road intersection, a subject I have spoken about in this House on many occasions in the past. The issue of putting in lights at that intersection has moved well forward and is coming to a conclusion. I think it is important to acknowledge the great work done by Greg and Joselyn Walker and Gwen Pusztay, who fought for the last 10 years to ensure that the intersection did get the lights that are so critical to control the traffic in and out of Ridgewood Road onto Caloundra Road. They are, indeed, fighters for their community and they deserve the accolades of all who are involved in that battle.

I can recall about two years ago there was a meeting held at a park in the estate where about 150 people attended. They were passionate about what they wanted to have happen. That then flowed through to a committee being formed. After several meetings, there was a public meeting held in Caloundra to which the department was invited to attend. I have to say that the departmental officers attended and took great note of the concerns of the public—the residents and users of that intersection.

They were committed to ensuring that feedback was given via me to the public. I have to also acknowledge the work of the minister in this matter because he took a deliberate hand in the outcome. I congratulate him and say thank you on behalf of the community.

In May of 2017 a second public meeting was held. A lot more information was put forward to the department who took copious notes and committed to coming back to me with what they saw as a potential solution. The public always wanted traffic lights at the intersection because they could see that the location of the intersection posed a major threat to people entering and exiting Caloundra Road from Ridgewood Road. The intersection is also used by many schoolchildren who access two school stops in the proximity.

The traffic population in that area is going to increase as time goes by and the department foresaw that. In 2017 they advised a study would be undertaken to see whether or not lights could be put in place. That has now been ticked off by the department and the minister. One more thing now has to happen, and that is funding to ensure those lights are put in place to make certain of the safety of those using the intersection, either pedestrians or in their vehicles, for time to come.

Whilst congratulating the minister on the work he has done in this regard—and I mean that sincerely—I urge him to look at this application via his departmental officers to ensure that we do get the outcome that is so badly needed and has been so hard fought for over many years.