Tinkering with roads will not solve Caloundra Road/Nicklin Way Roundabout

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today said that merely tinkering with roads around the Caloundra Road /Nicklin Way roundabout is not going to solve the problem of congestion on the roundabout. 

“Whilst I understand the work of Council to punch through Burke Street to the Pelican Waters Blvd, the claim that this will ‘---improve traffic flow on Caloundra Road between Pelican Waters Blvd and West Terrace/ Baldwin Street’ Is not correct.” Mr McArdle said.

“This may alleviate a problem in one spot but will push it through to another.”

“Whilst the road will serve a local purpose I can guarantee that with the foreseeable increase in traffic we need to deal with the roundabout itself.” Mr McArdle said.  

“In the last State Election campaign the LNP committed $15 million to upgrading the roundabout including putting in place slip lanes.”

“The roundabout is a major piece of infrastructure and I can attest that on the many occasions I travel it both in and out of Caloundra traffic is bumper to bumper.”

“Placing additional traffic on Pelican Waters Blvd in fact makes a slip lane from the Boulevard turning left onto Caloundra Road, an absolute essential.” Mr McArdle said. 

“This was one of the avenues I had planned for alleviating some of the congestion.”

“In addition, when the ‘East-West Road’ linking Bellvista and Pelican Waters Blvd is constructed that will place even greater stress on the roundabout.”

“The State Government must deal with this issue as a matter of urgency and I am organising a meeting with the Regional Manager of Department Transport and Main Road here on the Sunshine Coast to discuss it and other roads.” Mr McArdle said. 

“Only by addressing the fundamental issue of the roundabout plus aid from local road initiatives will this problem be solved.”

“Apart from the roundabout, a long term solution needs to be found for Caloundra Road traffic, as it builds up extensively between the Bruce Highway and the Caloundra Road / Kawana Link Way intersection each morning.”

“One of the unstated but real impacts of traffic congestion is economic loss as vehicles and employees sit in traffic, are unable to deliver their goods therefore increasing costs to the wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer and consumer.” Mr McArdle concluded. 


For further information contact: Media Unit, Office of Mark McArdle, 0438449243.