State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today stated the Urology surgery waiting list plus the Urology waiting list for the waiting list at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital have blown out and is concerned that to claw back the back log other surgery may need to be delayed.

“Data for October 2018 for the two Urology waiting lists – for Urology surgery and those waiting to be seen to assess if they need surgery – is dire. I’m very concerned that to catch up this backlog other types of surgery may be postponed,” Mr McArdle said.

“Figures released by Queensland Health reveal that there are 268 patients who have been assessed for surgery but of those, 41 are waiting longer than clinically recommended. This is the largest number of any category who have been assessed and are waiting. Surgery delayed can lead to adverse outcomes or complications.

“Labor has botched the S.C.U.H. less than two years after it opened. Put simply, Steven Miles can’t do the job and should be sacked.

“But when you consider people on the Urology waiting list for the waiting list, i.e. to assess if they need surgery, it gets worst. The Labor Government doesn’t release the number of patients waiting for each type of Category, but gives the percentage of patients waiting as Category 1, 2 and 3.

“With Urology 57.7% of Category 1 patients are waiting longer than the recommended 30 days to be seen by a doctor to be assessed. In relation to Category 2, 62.7% of patients are waiting longer than 90 days recommended. These figures are a disaster.

“More disturbing is the number of days patients are waiting to see if they need surgery. At the end of the September quarter, the 90th percentile, waiting time for Category 1 patients was 56 days and for Category 2 it was 501 days.

“Recently I was following up a matter for a constituent, not involving urology and I wrote to the Chief Executive Officer of H.H.S. asking ‘---why all non-Category 1 patients are unable to access surgery at S.C.U.H. in the foreseeable future.’ In her reply of 30 November this question was ignored. This raises serious questions about the Government’s inability to provide health services and more particularly Steven Miles capacity for the job.

“The sum of these figures, and nonresponse paints a grim picture and if the Hospital is to catch up, other surgeries may need to be delayed,” Mr McArdle concluded.