State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle last week met with concerned residents over mounting speculation that the Dicky Beach Skate Park could soon be moved from its home at the icon beach spot.

It comes as Skate-Aid Australia founder and local skateboarding instructor Dave Fisher recently helped launch the Save the Dicky Beach Skate Park campaign to seek community support for the skate park to remain at its original home after questions arose about the parks ambiguous placement in the Council’s Dicky Beach Precinct Plan.

David Fisher and Tully with Mark McArdle MP

David Fisher and Tully with Mark McArdle MP

“The skate park has had a long life here at Dicky Beach and so it should remain here and be integrated into future developments earmarked for this area,” Mr McArdle said.

“We enjoy one of the best climates on the planet and skate parks provide another way for children to get outside in the fresh air and escape screens for a while, contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

“Dicky Beach is such an idyllic spot and what I’m hearing is that those who skateboard here, their parents and the surrounding community see the skate park as part of the local landscape and it is loved by all.”

David Fisher agrees that the skate park contributes to a healthy lifestyle for the children who use it but also feels it plays a much bigger role in bringing the community together.

“The Dicky Beach Skate Park means absolutely everything to the kids who use it. It gives them a place to go, a place to belong, it gives them the knowledge that they can turn up to this park and they will have someone to skate and hang out with,” Mr Fisher said.

“It’s not just about the quality of the concrete, it’s the community that is associated with this skate park that make it so important. That’s what we believe we could lose if it moves somewhere else.

“The feelings about this skate park go beyond the skaters who use it and the thing that makes this park special is its location. It’s a multi-use area – in addition to the skate park, we’ve got places in the shade to sit and have picnics and the beach is right there so you can have a swim or surf right after. That’s what so beautiful about this location.

“The majority of people who have spoken to want it left in the same location,” Mr Fisher concluded.

“It’s clear that there is growing community support for the skate park to remain here, at its original home and I completely share that view,” Mr McArdle said.

“If Council has other plans for this park or are in fact “investigating” its future location, I want to stress that the local community needs to be included through proper community consultation.

“I have signed the Save the Dicky Beach Skate Park petition and I encourage anyone who feels strongly about the park remaining exactly where it is to sign the petition as well. If you are a local resident or business, you can write a letter of support for the park and send it to Cr Tim Dwyer, or to my office.

“There are also plenty of great events Dave and the children have planned, so visit the Save the Dicky Beach Skate Park Facebook page to stay updated,” Mr McArdle concluded.