State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today attacked Labor Minister Mark Bailey for his ineptitude and dragging the chain in getting lights and exits lanes off the Caloundra Road - Nicklin Way roundabout on a permanent basis.

It comes as Transport Minister Mark Bailey, on 18 September stated that metering traffic lights at Caloundra Road - Nicklin Way roundabout would, ‘---mainly operate during the afternoon peak,’ and then use ‘queue detectors’ to ‘show a significant traffic build up,’ to trigger the lights.

Caloundra Road Traffic Congestion.png

“How many have to back up – how long do people wait. Simple solution – make them fully operational at all times,” Mr McArdle said.

“To believe that we only have peak hour in the afternoon shows a complete lack of knowledge of how many vehicles use the intersection and when.

“Anybody who knows Caloundra understands, any day of the week, from any direction traffic builds up. I suggest that the Minister be on Caloundra Road at 9.00am heading into Caloundra during the week or from 10am onwards in either direction during the weekends when congestion starts, and increases through the day.

“I am amazed that exit lanes, taking traffic off the roundabout, are not included!

“I pose the question: with 50,000 people moving into Aura and a further 14,000 to 17,000 into Harmony how will they get in and out of Caloundra’s beaches – Caloundra Road of course? More traffic.

“We worked very hard to get these lights in and I want to congratulate the people who took up the fight. But we need our proper share. We pay taxes and we pay a significant amount of those taxes to the State Government. They owe us the use of the money to improve this roundabout and in fact all of Caloundra Road.

“Mark Bailey needs to wake up to himself. He further claimed in an Answer to a Question on Notice that;

‘A future proposed second stage involves the extension

of Third Avenue to form a new signalised intersection

with Nicklin Way.’

“What in God’s name is he talking about. That is of some value but nothing about exit lanes at the roundabout and planning is on the never never. Population increases are coming from the south and west of the roundabout.

“I would also like to hear from the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce – their members use this intersection. They should be pushing hard for a better outcome.

“I say to Mark Bailey – stop mucking around, get traffic lights in place that work 24/7 and put in exit lanes. That’s what you’re paid to do,” Mr McArdle concluded.