Major Coast Hospitals Ramping Go from Bad to Worse

Tuesday 23 October 2018

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today slammed the Palaszczuk Labor Government and Health Minister Steven Miles, for the worsening ramping at the Coast’s major hospitals; Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) and Nambour Hospital.

Ramping is how long a patient lies on a trolley before they are treated by a doctor or nurse in an Emergency Department and the absolute most a patient should wait is 30 minutes.

“In December 2017, 24% of patients were waiting on a trolley at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital more than 30 minutes before getting into the Emergency Department. At the same time 18% of patients at Nambour Hospital were waiting more than 30 minutes. This also means emergency care paramedics were not back on the road.

“By August 2018 these waiting times had blown out to 28% at Sunshine Coast University Hospital and 27% at Nambour Hospital.

“This University hospital has been open since April 2017 and with 18 months having passed, it is hard to believe that the Labor Palaszczuk Government has not established how to efficiently co-ordinate the running of Emergency Departments of our major hospitals.

“After spending $1.8 billion on the University hospital, Labor and Minister Miles cannot get the basics right. They can’t get patients off trolleys and into the Emergency Department and then into hospital beds if needed.

“Sadly it’s patients who suffer and paramedics who have to wait. Patients are denied medical treatment, in ever increasing numbers, with Paramedics waiting outside the Emergency Department and not being back on the road looking after the next sick or injured person.

“I won’t accept the argument that “bugs” are still being ironed out. We have had years of planning, years of training and it appears we are going to have years of ramping.

“Next time you pass an ambulance think how long the paramedics are going to have to wait outside the Emergency Department with the patient they are transporting. Consider that the next patient may be a friend or indeed a family member and think how long will they wait because of Labor’s ramping.

“Paramedics do an exceptional job, as do doctors and nurses, but it is the bureaucrats in George Street and Labor that do not understand that patients need to get proper and timely treatment. Ramping is a serious symptom of a hospital suffering many problems.

“Labor’s answer will be to spend more money. How about we get a full return on the dollars we already spend. How about Labor stop believing throwing money at a problem is automatically going to solve it. Let’s spend the money wisely. Sunshine Coast residents deserve that.”


For further information contact: Media Unit | Office of Mark McArdle | 0438 449243