Residents demand traffic lights at Caloundra and Ridgewood Roads Intersection

After a lengthy battle, Ridgewood estate residents and State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle are a step closer in their fight for traffic lights at the intersection of Ridgewood and Caloundra Roads. 

After repeat requests for the State Government to address road safety at the intersection, finally Minister for Main Roads Mark Bailey this week came on board and announced that the speed limit on Caloundra Road would be reduced from 80km to 70km per hour. 

Mr McArdle said though this was an important step, the community needs traffic lights.

“Even the Minister understands that there is a serious problem at this intersection.” Mr McArdle said

“In addition to slowing down traffic through at the section of Caloundra Road, the Minster has said that investigations will be made into ‘---the feasibility for the installation of traffic signals at the intersection.’ This is certainly promising.” Mr McArdle said.

“I understand the frustration of people in Ridgewood estate. I know their desire to see an outcome and I call on the Minister to fast track the matter. Studies have been done earlier that should answer any questions.” 

Approximately 300 people rely on the Ridgewood Road and Caloundra Road intersection to come and go from their homes. The community states that entering or exiting Ridgewood Road poses significant personal risks to a driver and their passengers as they are required to cross up to four lanes of traffic travelling at 80km per hour, without the guidance of a traffic light or other means of traffic regulation.  

“I want to thank all the residents who got to this point. Gwen Pusztay is the community champion of this fight and Greg and Joselyn Walker brought together residents and kept it going.” Mr McArdle said. 

“The current battle began in November 2016, culminating in a public meeting attended by approximately 150 residents and Main Roads in May 2017. Main Roads listened to the community and took away their firm desire to have traffic lights installed.”  Mr McArdle said.

“This has been an ongoing, long term issue for the people of the Ridgewood Road estate. We still have a long battle but it is some assurance that we are finally heading in the right direction.” Mr McArdle concluded