Most seriously ill or injured waiting for bed at SCUH

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today slammed the Health Minister for the shambolic way that Labor is treating patients at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. 

Eleven QAS vehicles ramped at SCUH

Eleven QAS vehicles ramped at SCUH

“Data released by Queensland Health shows that in March 2017 only 71% of Category 1 patients were being admitted to a bed at the new hospital within in four hours of arriving at the Emergency Department.”

“Category 1 patients are the most seriously ill or injured yet they were languishing on trolleys or waiting in bays in the Emergency Department and could not get into a bed in the ward.” Mr McArdle said. 
“Sadly it got worse in April.”

“Data for April 2017 showed that only 50% of Category 1 patients that arrived at the Emergency Department got into a bed in a ward within four hours. A slump of 21%”

“It is quite clear that if you delay treatment you delay recovery and risk serious adverse outcomes by not providing essential medical services.”

“The impact is also on paramedics because as patients are left in the Emergency Department, paramedics arriving at the hospital with new patients are required to stay with the new patients until they are handed over to hospital staff.” Mr McArdle said. 

“The Health Minister in February 2016, in talking about the new hospital in Parliament said:
                    ‘I make clear, as I have in the Parliament previously, that whatever we do will be focused around a safe clinical opening of that hospital.’

“When you read that sentence you have to ask how does the best and brightest hospital in this nation only get one half of the most seriously ill or injured patients into a ward where lifesaving treatment will be provided.” Mr McArdle said. 

“The Minister said this would not happen at this hospital and as he stands atop the change of command, he is responsible.”

“Only the energy and clinical skills of staff across all endeavours would have prevented this becoming a nightmare.”

“Labor again has shown its incompetency in handling the health of Sunshine Coast residents – a repeat of past bungles from this do-nothing Labor Government.” Mr McArdle concluded.