Local man waits more than two years for eye assessment

Mr Dell has been waiting years to have his eyes properly assessed by a specialist. 

Mr Dell has been waiting years to have his eyes properly assessed by a specialist. 

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today attacked the Labor Government for continuing its policy of hiding people on the specialist outpatient service “waiting list for the waiting list”.  

It comes as Mr. Graham Dell, a Caloundra local has been waiting years to even see a doctor at the Caloundra Hospital to be properly assessed concerning his eye sight. 

“In December 2004 Mr. Dell was told by Queensland Health that there would be “---considerable waiting time” for an appointment. Some 28 months later he is still waiting for the initial appointment.” Mr McArdle said. 

“The Health Minister Cameron Dick, in an answer to a Question on Notice in Parliament asked on 23 March, said that in February 2015 $361.2million was invested to assist patients who had waited longer than recommend on outpatient waiting lists.” Mr McArdle said.  

“Mr. Dell was initially assessed as a category 3 patient and should have been seen within 365 days. Over two years have passed and still he has not set foot inside the hospital for assessment.”  

“Mr. Dell, on the advice of his optometrist has not driver for 12 months. This must be exceptionally frustrating for him and taking away a large degree of his independence.” Mr McArdle said.

Mr Dell told Mr McArdle “I am frustrated, I am my wife’s carer but I can’t take her anywhere for treatment.” 

“I have been advised by my doctors that my sight is deteriorating and I am very concerned what this could lead to. I just want my eyes fixed and my life back.” Mr Dell said. 

“We all know that having a driver’s license is important to establish our own identity and simply to get from A to B. Public Transport is not always available, nor always suitable.” Mr McArdle said. 

“Cameron Dick continues to make promises in relation to health issues facing Queenslanders. Yet again he is using the outpatient waiting lists to hide people and to hide the fact that they are failing to deal with the basic necessities of life.” Mr McArdle said. 

I call upon the Minister to get Mr. Dell’s sight issues dealt with.” Mr McArdle concluded.