First Aid Volunteers to get $35k from an LNP Government for vehicle

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has today announced that an LNP Government will provide a one-off grant of $35,000 to purchase and fitout a support vehicle for Sunshine Coast First Aid Volunteers Inc. 

Sunshine Coast First Aid Volunteers Inc. commenced operation on the Coast in Sept 2016. Its members were predominately from St Johns Ambulance, and have provided volunteer first aid across the Coast for many years.


“This organisation provides high quality first aid services for our beloved community events such as school fetes, children’s sports, music festivals, sporting and charity events. Their presence at events means that patrons have access to qualified first aid while our QAS emergency vehicles and staff stay on the road.” Mr McArdle said

“However, to ask these volunteers to continue transporting important medical equipment in their own cars, often making multiple trips, is too much. That is why I am proud to say that an LNP Government is committed to ensuring they get their support vehicle.” Mr McArdle said.

President of Sunshine Coast First Aid Volunteers Inc. Warren Hill said that requests for their organisation’s services has increased so much that they are struggling to keep up with demand.

“We are averaging 10 -12 events every month, over 100 per year, including netball, swimming, basketball and numerous community events. The limitation for us is that the more people we get the more equipment we need.” Mr Hill said.

“It is becoming impossible for our volunteers to transport all of our equipment in their personal vehicles with many events requiring multiple trips to get everything we need on site.”

“Having a dedicated support vehicle that the equipment can live in permanently would mean that we can spend our time and energy on our first aid roles.” Mr Hill said.

New volunteers must have a current First Aid Certificate and Resuscitation Certificate to come on shift, but through the nationally recognised training body First Aid Instruction and Services (FAIS) the organisation offers the opportunity for volunteers to develop their skills.

Mr Hill, who is a Licensed Medic with capacity to administer medicines and injections plus a First Responder, said that the group is seeking new members and those who hold a current First Aid Certificate and Resuscitation Certificate are very welcome to come along to any training night.

“Through helping at events and attending training our volunteers are able to learn new skills and at the same time gain nationally recognised accreditation for those additional levels of achievement” Mr Hill said.

“We are proud to have highly qualified volunteers in our organisation, from dedication First Aiders through to licensed medics. Needless to say, you would be in good hands with our team.” Mr Hill concluded.

“Not only are the Sunshine Coast Frist Aid Volunteers an asset to our community events, they are also providing the opportunity for volunteers to increase their skills.” Mr McArdle said.

“The LNP is pleased to be able to assist them with the purchase and fitout of a support vehicle and I look forward to working with them.” Mr McArdle concluded.

 To find out more about first aid volunteering at community events just send an email to or phone 0408 874343.