Bid for Ridgewood Road Traffic Lights Building Momentum

Residents of the Ridgewood estate have marked another key step forward in their lengthy battle for the installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Caloundra Road and Ridgewood Road. It comes as residents last week received a letter from The Department of Transport and Main Roads confirming that “---further investigations into the feasibility of the traffic signals are currently being carried out”.  


State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle said that while the community was informed in September that this investigation would happen, the timeliness of the investigation commencing is particularly significant to the residents. 

“This is a battle that the residents have fought for many years and rightly so, they are growing anxious for a good outcome.” Mr McArdle said 

“It was their hard work and the pressure of their collective voices that have moved this issue forward, so I congratulate them on what they have achieved so far.” Mr McArdle said. 

The letter went on to thank residents for attending a community forum held in May by Mr McArdle, saying that “---TMR has been considering all feedback received and acknowledges the community’s majority preference for traffic signals to be installed at the intersection.”  

“Residents will be provided with an update on results of the investigations in early 2018 and I am hopeful that this community will finally get the outcome that they deserve.” Mr McArdle concluded.