Community to gain important Dam safety insight at tour

As the weather for the Sunshine Coast shifts from months of drought to a week of rain, it is a reminder of how deeply our lives intertwine with water supply. Dams play a critical role in ushering our community from periods of water conservation through to major flood events. 

It is with this knowledge that State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today advised residents to register for Seqwater’s free tour of Ewen Maddock Dam to better understand the important role that the Dam plays. 

“Ewen Maddock Dam is part of South East Queensland’s drinking water supply and as a community we can take an active role in understanding how this and other dams operate and significantly, how the South East Water Grid System works to move water.” Mr McArdle said.

“For anyone who has concerns about Dam safety after recent reports published in the media, Sunday’s tour is where you will be able to have your questions answered.” 

“Seqwater has confirmed that experts will be on hand to address community concerns. This tour presents an opportunity to ask questions about risks associated with living near the Dam, how to prepare for a flood event and also to learn more about what happens during a drought.”  

“There is still time left to join this community tour that will be held on Sunday 8 October, but registration are essential by close of business this Thursday.” Mr McArdle said. 

The Ewen Maddock Dam was constructed in two stages, with the first stage completed in 1976 and the second and final stage completed in 1983. Mr McArdle said that the tour would also serve to provide an update on the future upgrade to the dam and hopefully ease any concerns the community may have. 

“As knowledge and technology for dams has significantly improved, Ewen Maddock Dam received an initial upgrade in 2012, with the next upgrade scheduled for 2019.”Mr McArdle said.  

“Some may have an apprehension about dams generally, yet they play a critical role in mitigating major disasters during periods of extreme rain. Seqwater continues to ensure that these dams will stand the test of time.”  

“Ewen Maddock Dam is part a network of dams which supplies most of the region’s drinking water and it is also a vibrant recreational reserve, contributing to exercise and a healthy lifestyle for the people in our region.” Mr McArdle said.

“It’s also an opportunity to ask general questions about dams other than Ewen Maddock include Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams.” Mr McArdle concluded 

To register, phone (07) 3015 9795 or email
by C.O.B. Thursday 5 October 2017. Registrations are essential.