Major Coast Hospitals Ramping Go from Bad to Worse

Tuesday 23 October 2018

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today slammed the Palaszczuk Labor Government and Health Minister Steven Miles, for the worsening ramping at the Coast’s major hospitals; Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) and Nambour Hospital.

Ramping is how long a patient lies on a trolley before they are treated by a doctor or nurse in an Emergency Department and the absolute most a patient should wait is 30 minutes.

“In December 2017, 24% of patients were waiting on a trolley at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital more than 30 minutes before getting into the Emergency Department. At the same time 18% of patients at Nambour Hospital were waiting more than 30 minutes. This also means emergency care paramedics were not back on the road.

“By August 2018 these waiting times had blown out to 28% at Sunshine Coast University Hospital and 27% at Nambour Hospital.

“This University hospital has been open since April 2017 and with 18 months having passed, it is hard to believe that the Labor Palaszczuk Government has not established how to efficiently co-ordinate the running of Emergency Departments of our major hospitals.

“After spending $1.8 billion on the University hospital, Labor and Minister Miles cannot get the basics right. They can’t get patients off trolleys and into the Emergency Department and then into hospital beds if needed.

“Sadly it’s patients who suffer and paramedics who have to wait. Patients are denied medical treatment, in ever increasing numbers, with Paramedics waiting outside the Emergency Department and not being back on the road looking after the next sick or injured person.

“I won’t accept the argument that “bugs” are still being ironed out. We have had years of planning, years of training and it appears we are going to have years of ramping.

“Next time you pass an ambulance think how long the paramedics are going to have to wait outside the Emergency Department with the patient they are transporting. Consider that the next patient may be a friend or indeed a family member and think how long will they wait because of Labor’s ramping.

“Paramedics do an exceptional job, as do doctors and nurses, but it is the bureaucrats in George Street and Labor that do not understand that patients need to get proper and timely treatment. Ramping is a serious symptom of a hospital suffering many problems.

“Labor’s answer will be to spend more money. How about we get a full return on the dollars we already spend. How about Labor stop believing throwing money at a problem is automatically going to solve it. Let’s spend the money wisely. Sunshine Coast residents deserve that.”


For further information contact: Media Unit | Office of Mark McArdle | 0438 449243

Questions loom over Caloundra Road traffic congestion solutions

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today expressed his concern that the Caloundra community could face more years of uncertainly over the notorious issue of Caloundra Road traffic congestion.

It comes as Mr McArdle posed two separate Questions on Notice to Transport Minister Mark Bailey in State Parliament last week, seeking firm answers to when traffic and exit lights will be installed at the Ridgewood Road-Caloundra Rd intersection and when the people of Caloundra could expect a “final result” to the Caloundra Road-Nicklin Way roundabout chaos.

“The traffic congestion on the “Sunshine Coast’s Longest Carpark” – Caloundra Road is something that people who live and work in Caloundra have suffered for years and understandably their frustration is growing because we are still without any holistic solutions to this chaos,” Mr McArdle said

“Together with this community I have been fighting for answers and I recently asked the Minister for Transport and Main roads two Questions on Notice;

1. I refer the Minister to the article in the Sunshine Coast Daily today concerning the ‘intersection of Caloundra Road, Nicklin Way and Pelican Waters Dr’ and to the statement attributed to the Minister – “We have also allocated $500,000 for planning to progress further staged improvements in this area’ and I ask;

When will this planning be complete, what and how many further stages are being considered and when will the people of Caloundra get a final result to the traffic chaos at this roundabout.

2. With respect to the intersection of Caloundra Road and Ridgewood Road will the Minister advise the date traffic lights will be installed.”

“There are two simple questions that require a full and frank answer. This has been going on for far too long. My message to the Minister is – Do the job, we in Caloundra are paying you to do” said Mr McArdle


For further information contact: Media Unit, Office of Mark McArdle, 0438 449 243.

Caloundra prepares to welcome the Container Refund Scheme

Queensland will take a major step towards reducing beverage litter in the environment when the Container Refund Scheme (CRS) is introduced on 1 November 2018.

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle said he expects the Caloundra community to embrace the new refund scheme with open arms due to the positive environmental impact it will have as well as the potential financial benefit for local organisations.

“We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but unfortunately Queensland still remains one of the most littered States in Australia and beverage containers are the second most commonly found item in our parks, streets and waterways like the Pumicestone Passage,” Mr McArdle said.

“The CRS provides an incentive for people to collect and return eligible containers for recycling in exchange for a 10 cent refund per container.

“This opens the door for enormous revenue raising programs for community organisations and charities such as our local Scouts troops.”

Scouts Qld General Manager Gavin Kelly said the scheme had the potential to be quite a substantial income source for community groups and the Caloundra Electorate could expect to see local Scouts become involved.

“I expect every Scouts group in Queensland will eventually act as a donation point with a wheelie bin or caged trailer dedicated to collecting containers so the refund can then be paid back directly to that Scouts groups,” Mr Kelly said.

“It’s not just Scouts; the scheme will have significant benefits right across the board for all community groups, helping them reduce other fundraising programs they may be running.

“For Scouts there will be the added benefit of getting the kids involved with their local community through container drives and speaking with local businesses about potential partnerships.

“Scout Groups in South Australia do very well from container recycling as a fund raiser so the possibilities are remarkable.”

Mr McArdle said new information about drop off locations and exactly which containers would be eligible for the refund will continue to be updated over the coming weeks and months, but Caloundra already has three confirmed locations.

“At this time we know there will be Local Container Refund Points in Caloundra, Dicky Beach and Caloundra West,” Mr McArdle said

“Closer to 1 November community groups will be able to register as either a mobile drop off locations where the community can donate their containers or a virtual donation points so people to choose for their refund to be directed to that group.

“Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 3L (litres) are eligible for a refund when returned to a container refund point. However there will be some types of containers that are excluded such as plain milk containers and glass which has contained wine or pure spirits.

“The containers that are eligible for a refund are those which make up the majority of container litter in the environment. Excluded containers can still be recycled through existing kerbside collection or drop-off services.

“I expect that Caloundra will come together as a community to ensure that we are all aware of which containers are eligible for the refund, support local community groups and do our part to ensure our local environment remains pristine.”

Container Recycling Scheme.png

To find out more about Scout Groups participating in your area, please contact Gavin Kelly by emailing or ring the Scouts QLD office at 07 3870 7000.

For more information about the scheme, eligible containers or to sign up as a collection point visit: or


For further information contact: Media Unit, Office of Mark McArdle, 0438 449 243.

Bailey’s solution for Sunshine Coast’s “Longest Carpark” is utter nonsense: McArdle

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has today said a plan to ease traffic congestion on the Sunshine Coast’s “Longest Carpark” (Caloundra Road and Nicklin Way Roundabout) proposed by Transport Minister Mark Bailey is a nonsense solution.

It comes at the Transport Minister today announced that works would begin next month to install red and yellow traffic lights at the four approaches of the notorious roundabout at the intersection of Caloundra Road, Nicklin Way and Pelican Waters Blvd.

“The Minister was today quoted as saying ‘We anticipate the metering signals to mainly operate during the afternoon peak,’ demonstrating exactly how out of touch he is with the traffic issues in Caloundra.

“Everyone who travels to and from Caloundra knows with absolute certainty that morning traffic from 8am – 11am, 7 days per week, is horrendous.

“It is not just afternoons and to claim otherwise shows a complete lack of knowledge of reality,” Mr McArdle said

“It was also announced that $500,000 has been allocated for planning - how many more studies need to be undertaken to get this right? Traffic congestion on Caloundra Road is perhaps one of the biggest issues facing people living and working in Caloundra and Bailey’s quick fix “solution” is a farce.

“In November 2018 I announced with Andrew Powell MP and Jarrod Bleijie MP that an LNP Government would invest $15m to deliver critical infrastructure upgrades to this roundabout.

“Any solution must tackle traffic congestion in the mornings, 7 days per week, and it must encompass the installation of slip lanes and full traffic lights at this roundabout.

“Common sense dictates real solutions that will carry us into the future need to be invested in now. Quick fixes simply will not suffice.

“How many hours of our lives are we losing each year sitting on the Coast’s “Longest Carpark” and how much longer are we going to have to wait for real solutions.”


For further information contact: Media Unit, Office of Mark McArdle, 0438 449 243.

Locals shine in biggest ever Caloundra Community Awards

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has congratulated the local community for their outstanding representation in the sixth annual Caloundra Electorate Community Awards. In the largest ever showing, 180 people filled the CCSA Hall on Friday to hear the winners announced for each of the nine award categories, which were selected from 71 individual nominations.


“These Awards are about recognising the best of the best in our community and I am continually inspired by the people who are nominated each year.” Mr McArdle said.

Fourteen individual students and two classes from across the Caloundra Electorate were nominated this year in the two youth categories, Young Achieve and Young Sports Achiever. Molly Rava from Caloundra City Private School took out the Young Achiever Award for her work towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award and countless hours of dedication to charitable causes.

Li-Lou Burns- Gillet from Baringa State Primary School was recognised as the 2018 Young Sport Achiever for her outstanding achievements as an accomplished International Rhythmic Gymnast. Li-lou has won a number of accolades which include Overall Champion AA Gold Medal at the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament Prahran Invitational, QLD Senior Challenge 1 and 2 and the QLD Senior State Championship – just to name a few.

Dicky Beach Surf Lifesaving Club’s Jess Simpson was recognised in the adult Sport Achiever category this year for her dedication to community safety in her roleas volunteer Club Caption. Jess was recently named the Young Lifesaver of the Year and was previously named Summer Surf Girl in the same year she helped raise almost $100,000 for the club.

In the Environmental Contributor category, Friends of the Forest member Jan Kesby took out the award for her role for devoting 23 years to the environment including educating thousands of children and adults on waterways, fauna, flora and bush tucker.

Across the three community award categories 31 groups and individuals were nominated for their dedication to supporting local residents through volunteering, support programs and special events. There are many great events across the Sunshine Coast but Caloundra’s New Year’s Eve Celebration too out this year’s Community Event of the Year. Organised by Pelican Waters resident Rhonda Pattinson, the event has grown from fireworks, to a full family celebration which attracts locals and tourist alike.

Pacific Lutheran College’s own Gary Graves was award Volunteer of the Year for single handily leading the kayaking program at the College for over 16 years. Gary has also been instrumental in providing opportunity for students who are not naturally inclined towards sport to find a sport they love and experience success. This has had a profound effect on the self-esteem of many students.

Caloundra SES was awarded the Community Group of the Year award for their work behind the scenes preparing themselves and the community to minimise the effects of a disaster. The volunteers of Caloundra SES have and continue to empower people to help themselves and others in their community in times of emergency and disaster.

Business Achiever of the Year, Caloundra Garden and Pet Supplies has become a fixture in Caloundra in just seven years of operation. Owner, Will Waterford’s dedication to his customers will also be recognised in the State Government’s ‘100 Faces of Small Business’. Will says there is no point starting a business if you don’t love it and feels his customers keep coming back because they know the staff want to be there.

To cap off the morning’s celebration of outstanding community achievers, The Barry Family of Ithaca-Caloundra’s Surf Lifesaving Club were honoured with the top award of Caloundra Hall of Fame Identity.

Mr McArdle, who referred to the Barry’s as the “First Family of Caloundra” said three generations of Barry’s have been keeping Bulcock Beach safe for the community for more than 30 years.

“Tony, Trish, Lynda, Paul, Samantha and Laura Barry are fixtures in Caloundra, and you will see them patrolling every season,’ Mr McArdle said.

“People like the Barry family epitomise the community spirit we are so lucky to have here in Caloundra and these awards give us a little glimpse into the selfless, quiet achievers working behind the scenes for all of us.

“I am so proud to be part of a great community that works so well together and tend to look after each other.” Mr McArdle said.

“I would like to thank our sponsors at Caloundra Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank, Henzells Agency and Caloundra RSL Services Club for helping to make these awards possible.”

“Again, thank you and congratulations to each of our winners and all the nominees for their hard work helps make Caloundra the wonderful place it is,” Mr McArdle concluded

2018 Caloundra Electorate Community Award Winners

Young Achiever of the Year: Molly Rava from Caloundra City Private School

Young Sport Achiever of the Year: Li-Lou Burns- Gillet from Baringa State Primary School

Sports Achiever of the Year: Jess Simpson of Dicky Beach Surf Lifesaving Club

Environmental Achiever of the Year: Jan Kesby from Friends of the Forest

Community Volunteer of the Year: Gary Graves from Pacific Lutheran College

Community Group of the Year: Caloundra SES

Community Event of the Year: Caloundra New Year’s Eve Celebration

Business Achiever of the Year: Caloundra Garden and Pet Supplies

Caloundra Hall of Fame Identity: Barry Family from Ithaca Surf Life Saving


For further information contact: Shari Engelbrecht, Office of Mark McArdle, 5329 4100.

Fresh lick of paint gives Iconic C.C.S.A. Hall a new lease on life

Volunteers, community supporters and sponsors gathered this morning to celebrate the C.C.S.A. Hall’s first make over since the mid-1990s thanks to painting supplies donated by Dulux and Bunnings Caloundra.  


State Member for Caloundra and C.C.S.A. Executive Committee Member Mark McArdle said the hall was an integral part of the community and the fresh coat of paint would benefit both the facility and everyone who enjoyed its services. 

“The Hall is important to so many in the community but it has been a very long time since the building has been painted,” Mr McArdle said. 

“Everything is looking fresh and new which I am certain the volunteers, staff and patrons will be very pleased with.”

Frank Gower, another C.C.S.A. Executive Committee Member said the committee approached Bunnings Caloundra when they knew it was time to give the older Hall a mini-makeover. 

“The C.C.S.A. is run by the community, for the community and as a community we knew it was about time that the whole building received a little love in the way of a fresh coat of paint,” Mr Gower said.

“We approached Howard Montgomery from Bunnings Caloundra earlier this year with our plan to repaint the Hall knowing they support similar community projects. Howard made contact with Ken Feeney at Dulux, and together they were instrumental in putting the wheels in motion to make this happen.”

Dulux Sale Executive Ken Feeney said the building required about $1,500 worth of paint but it was exactly the kind of community project the company liked to support.

“Dulux is an Australian company and we support many local community projects such as the surf clubs and other community spaces,” Mr Feeney said. 

“As Sales Executives we are able to select a number of projects to support each year and when I heard the C.C.S.A. Hall was looking for support I was happy to put the project forward for sponsorship.” 

“Thank you to Dulux and Bunnings Caloundra for their support of this project and congratulations to everyone at involved with the Hall, which is now deservedly up-to-date with the local streetscape,” Mr McArdle concluded. 

Community consultation a certainty for Landsborough Rail Overpass plan

Members of the Landsborough Sub-Committee made an important trip to State Parliament last Wednesday with State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle to discuss the contentious issue of a proposed Rail Overpass in Landsborough with Mark Bailey, the Minister for Transport and Main Roads. 

Mr McArdle said that while last week’s meeting with the Minister was preliminary only - with many more expected in the future – the discussion would give the community a bit more clarity surrounding the project. 

“Firstly, I would like to thank the members of the committee who came down to the meeting with Mr Bailey,” Mr McArdle said. 

“The Minister was open and frank during our discussions, and there were a few important take away points from the meeting:

“It is now certain that the overpass at Landsborough will go ahead and the State Government will be closing the level crossing at the rail line. 

“However, we have some way to go before any shovel breaks ground on this project. 

“Members of the committee who attended the meeting questioned the Minister about community input and Mr Bailey made it clear that nothing would be finalised without community consultation taking place. It is also important to note the current proposal is only a ‘reference plan’ and costing and a specific timeline are not yet complete. 

“It is likely at this stage that two or more construction companies will compete for tender which means Landsborough will be given the best opportunity for the best outcome.

“The sub-committee was formed under the umbrella of the Glasshouse Country Chamber of Commerce after the Labor Government announce a possible overpass at Landsborough in 2016. 

“The residents and business owners who make up this committee are strong members of the community, committed to ensuring everyone has a fair say and they will remain active for the foreseeable future.

“For those interested in being directly involved, I would encourage you to join the Glasshouse Country Chamber of Commerce and immerse yourself in the Committee. 

“However, I will continue to keep the greater Landsborough community informed of all progress on this project.”

To be added to Landsborough Rail Overpass Community emailing list, please send your details For more information about joining the Glasshouse Country Chamber of Commerce and the Landsborough Sub Committee please visit


For further information contact:  Media Unit, Office of Mark McArdle, 0438 449 243.

Petition demands Baringa High go “full S.T.E.M. ahead” for 2020

Last week the Education Minister gave a speech in Parliament regarding the importance of S.T.E.M. Education saying, ‘we want more Queensland students to pursue the subjects that will set them up for the jobs of the future.’ During his follow-up speech in Parliament, State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle urged the Minister to follow her own recommendations when considering a petition to fast-track Baringa’s S.T.E.M. High School. 

“During Parliament last week, I gave a speech in the House about the recent Baringa High School petition, saying;

“I tabled two petitions this week signed by 1,500 people calling on the government to construct Baringa State High School to be opened for the 2020 school year. I want to congratulate Deborah Hardie, the principal petitioner as she was the driving force behind the petitions,” Mr McArdle 

“Yesterday, the Minister for Education stated, ‘Baringa State Primary School is our first S.T.E.M. school of excellence.' We therefore agree on the point that Baringa State Primary School is a school of excellence. 

“Yet we find that the government will build a secondary school at Baringa to open in 2021 knowing full well that children will move to grade 7 in 2020. Those children will need to go to another school and transition back to the Baringa High School in 2021 which raises a number of issues. 

“Firstly, children will attend a school that was not purpose built as a S.T.E.M. school. Secondly, children will be separated from friends they have made at their current school. Thirdly, the curriculum at the new school, though good, will not mirror what would be taught at a purpose-built S.T.E.M. school. 

“The education minister is in the House tonight. I ask her to consider her response to the petition carefully. I ask that she considers the children and parents who will be impacted by her response. The minister and I share an understanding of S.T.E.M. and appreciate that it is critical that there is continuity in terms of the place of education for these children. 

“Deborah Hardie has fought this battle. I ask the Minister to acknowledge that and bring forward construction of the Baringa State High School so that it opens for the commencement of the school year in 2020.”

“The Minster strongly supports S.T.E.M., I want her to strongly support Baringa State High School,” Mr McArdle concluded.  

Baringa families shunned by Education Minister in final days of petition

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has slammed the Education Minister for failing to comment on the contentious issue of the Baringa State High School not opening in time for the 2020 school year. 

It comes as Mr McArdle and Deputy Leader of the LNP Tim Mander joined Principal Petitioner Deborah Hardie yesterday to provide a final push for her petition to fast-track the opening of Baringa State High School for the 2020 school year. The petition has amassed more than 1,500 signatures but concerned parents continue to be shunned by the State Government and Education Minister on the issue. 

“During Grace Grace’s visit to Baringa Primary School on 28 June she told the media and concerned parents that the sister High School was ‘---on time, on schedule, on budget and meeting our commitment to open the school by 2021.’ This time she did not even respond,” Mr McArdle said.  

“There is a mounting attitude from this Labor Government that the issue of Baringa State High School is not an issue worth looking at, despite so many parents saying this will impact the lives of their children. 

“The ABC News bulletin on 12 June quoted the Treasurer as saying—‘Getting our schools ready for 2020 means we need to make the investment in this year’s budget to have the additional infrastructure and classrooms available for that full Year 7 cohort that will hit in 2020.’ 

“If the Education Minister is going to stand by her statement that the high school was always expected to open in 2021, then I have to ask WHY? Why will Baringa miss out when the rest of Queensland is going to be ready for 2020?

“The simple fact the high school was never planned to be open and ready for the 2020 school year is ludicrous and insulting to the parents who came to this community believing that their children would have a flow on STEM education from Baringa Primary School. 

“The petition will finish this month but we are nowhere near finished fighting for this community’s children and the high school they deserve, when they need it.” 

For further information contact:  Media Unit, Office of Mark McArdle, 0438 449 243.

Community Awards need your help to recognise Caloundra’s top achievers

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has today called on the local community to help recognise individuals and groups doing outstanding work by nominating them for the Caloundra Electorate Community Awards.

The annual awards, which are hosted by Mr McArdle and sponsored by Caloundra Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank, Caloundra RSL Services Club and Henzells Agency, aim to recognise Caloundra’s top achievers in nine major categories. Nominations will close on 31 August 2018. 

“I have hosted these awards for six years and I always enjoy reading about people, groups and businesses who are doing important work behind the scenes in the Caloundra Electorate,” Mr McArdle said.  

“They are quiet achievers, therefore it is important the community takes the time to nominate so we can shine a light on the work they are doing.” 

Cathy Stamp, President of the Caloundra RSL Services Club said the club has been involved with the awards from the beginning because it is a great way to promote and recognise the work of volunteers in Caloundra.

“Volunteers are an integral part of the community and without them many services would cease to exist,” Mrs Stamp said. 

“It is also a wonderful incentive and reward for those volunteers who are nominated.”

"As a local business it is important to the Henzells team that we invest in the local community so it is a pleasure to be part of such a well-deserving event for another year,” said Katherine Allen, Operating Manager of Henzells Agency.

“These Awards provide an important forum to acknowledge the contribution that each nominee makes to our way of life.”

Manager of Caloundra Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank, Pip Fawcett has urged the local community to take the time to nominate someone who deserves the recognition.

“We all know that person who goes above and beyond for our community, now is the time to honour their dedication by nominating them for an award,” Ms Fawcett said. 

“Come on Caloundra, there are just two weeks left so get your nomination in today.”

The Awards will recognise selfless talent and high achievement in the following categories: 

•    Young Achiever of the Year
•    Young Sport Achiever of the Year
•    Sport Achiever of the Year
•    Environmental Contributor of the Year
•    Community Volunteer of the Year
•    Community Group of the Year
•    Community Event of the Year
•    Business Achiever of the Year
•    Caloundra Hall of Fame Identity

Nominations close Friday, 31 August

Nomination forms can be collected from Mark McArdle’s Electorate Office at 1/20 Ormuz Ave, or alternatively can be completed online at 

The Awards will be presented on Friday, 14th September at the CCSA Hall, 1 Nutley St, Caloundra.