Great community spaces can change with the times but they need community input

CCSA Hall Public Forum | Friday 1 November | 9am for 9.30am – 11am | 1 Nutley Street

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has called on the Caloundra and greater Sunshine Coast community to attend the 1 November public forum concerning the future growth potential of the CCSA Hall in Caloundra.

The Caloundra Committee of Services to the Ageing, the body which runs the hall, will open its doors next month for a forum and Mr McArdle is encouraging those interested to lend their voice to the discussion of how this beloved hall can continue to thrive in our changing region.

“The Committee was formed in 1968 with the aim of providing to older members of the community a facility where they could meet, hold functions and enjoy many activities of their choice,” Mr McArdle said.  

“There is no limit to how the hall can be utilised except that there is a common understanding that its use must be in accordance with the standards expected by the community. It is owned by the public and it is with that in mind that the Committee work to provide services the community wants and needs.

“As our region grows and changes, these wants and needs change as well. We have reached a point where we want to hear from the community about the types of services the hall could provide going forward.  

“It is also important to point out that use of the hall is not limited to seniors. This is everyone’s hall, so we want to hear from you. Do you have a great idea of how the hall could be utilised? Please join the forum and share your vision.  

“I believe that together we can paint a picture of what the next phase for this hall will be, and I am certain it will continue to develop and flourish as a positive space for our community,” Mr McArdle concluded. 

CCSA Hall.png

Locals shine in biggest ever Caloundra Community Awards

Locals shine in biggest ever Caloundra Community Awards

 State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has congratulated the local community for their outstanding representation in the seventh annual Caloundra Electorate Community Awards. In the largest ever showing, 200 people filled the CCSA Hall on Friday to hear the winners announced for each of the nine award categories, which were selected from 83 individual nominations.

 “These Awards are about recognising the best of the best in our community and I am continually inspired by the people who are nominated each year.” Mr McArdle said. 

Twenty-four individual students and three youth groups from across the Caloundra Electorate were nominated this year in the two youth categories, Young Achieve and Young Sports Achiever. Samantha Hutton from Pacific Lutheran College took out the Young Achiever Award for her commitment to mentoring young nippers through the Dicky Beach Surf Lifesaving Club.

 Holly Lubcke from Glasshouse Christian College was recognised as the 2019 Young Sport Achiever for her outstanding achievements in Cross Country Mountain Bike riding. This year Holly competed in the Junior World Series held in South Africa where she achieved a third placing. Recently she was selected on the Australian Cycling Team where she competed in the World Championships held in Mont Sainte-Anne, Canada. She placed 2nd in the Australian National Championships and is currently in the lead of the National Series.

 Sunshine Coast Falcon’s captain Dane Hogan was recognised in the adult Sport Achiever category this year. Dane has been competing in the Queensland Cup for the better part of a decade, lacing up for sides including the Northern Pride, Mackay Cutters, Easts Tigers and the Falcons. He's a valued and steadfast leader for the Sunshine Coast and has earned the captaincy honour for his third stint.

 Across the three community award categories 30 groups and individuals were nominated for their dedication to supporting residents through volunteering, support programs and special events. There are many great events across the Sunshine Coast, but Velvet Country Music’s annual charity concert took out this year’s Community Event of the Year. Over seven events Velvet Country Music have donated $32,000 to various worthy causes including Dove Cottage, LifeFlight and Ronald McDonald. 

Dianne Clapp of Resolve Fitness at the Caloundra RSL was award Volunteer of the Year for her dedication to supporting seniors in their fitness journey - helping them maintain mobility, independence and freedom while having access to social activities.  Dianne’s nominator said she is kind, generous with her time and champion for aging gracefully.

Gateway Care Limited was awarded the Community Group of the Year award.  Gateway Care’s Food Centre and Café in Caloundra West provides low cost groceries, coffee and cooked meals to more than 5,000 members, which equates to between 170 – 200 people per day accessing the Centre due to finding it tough to make ends meet.

 In the Environmental Contributor category, the Beerwah-Glasshouse Country chapter of grassroots organisation Boomerang Bags took out the award for their work to reduce our community’s single use plastic by hand crafting shopping bags from pre-loved fabrics.

 Beloved family business Landsborough Pool Supplies were awarded Business Achiever of the Year. Ron and Jan Horne have recently celebrated 15 years in business in Landsborough working alongside their two daughters Dee and Ally, three granddaughters and family friend Leila Josey. Customers know when they visit Landsborough Pool Supplies, they are not only getting trusted service but great friendship as well.

 To cap off the morning’s celebration of outstanding community achievers, Graeme Bowden of The BookShop at Caloundra was honoured with the top award of Caloundra Hall of Fame Identity.

 “Graeme and his wife Chris have served the Caloundra community as passionate book sellers for the past 31 years,’ Mr McArdle said.

 “Graeme has contributed to the INDIES Book Awards as a reviewer for many years and he actively encourages local authors by selling their books and invites many of them to hold book signings as the shop.

 “Over the years he has enriched our community by working closely with libraries and publishers to bring authors to our region and Graeme does so as both a book seller but importantly as a book lover.

 “I am so proud to be part of a great community that works so well together and tend to look after each other.” Mr McArdle said.

 “I would like to thank our sponsors at Caloundra RSL Services Club, Caloundra Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank and Henzells Agency for helping to make these awards possible.”

 “Again, thank you and congratulations to each of our winners and all the nominees for their hard work helps make Caloundra the wonderful place it is,” Mr McArdle concluded


2019 Caloundra Electorate Community Award Winners

Young Achiever of the Year:  Samantha Hutton from Pacific Lutheran College

Young Sport Achiever of the Year: Holly Lubcke from Glasshouse Christian College

Sports Achiever of the Year: Dane Hogan of the Sunshine Coast Falcons

Community Volunteer of the Year: Dianne Clapp of Resolve Fitness

Community Group of the Year: Gateway Care Limited

Community Event of the Year: Velvet Country Music Charity Concert

Environmental Achiever of the Year: Boomerang Bags Beerwah - Glasshouse Country

Business Achiever of the Year: Landsborough Pool Supplies

Caloundra Hall of Fame Identity: Graeme Bowden

Protecting the Pumicestone Passage in the digital age

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has congratulated local environmental group Take Action for Pumicestone Passage (TAPP) on the launch of their brand-new website this week.

It comes as Mr McArdle donated $1,000 toward the redevelopment of the organisation’s website which aims to provide a more interactive way for the community to learn and support the work the group are doing to ensure the future of one of the region’s most important bodies of water.

 “I am proud to have supported this next growth phase for TAPP knowing that this streamlined new website truly showcases the important work the members have done and continue to do,” Mr McArdle said.

 “We are living in rapidly changing times in which organisations such as TAPP must be active on the ground and have a strong presence online.

 “I am hopeful that this new website will help them bring their long legacy of important work for the environment to the next generation.”

 TAPP President Paul Harney said the organisation has been active in pursuing its aim of enhancing and protecting Pumicestone Passage since its inception in November 2010.

 “TAPP endeavours to work collaboratively with those who use and have an impact on the Passage to achieve its aim,” Mr Harney said.  

 “The new website enables all those who are interested in learning about the achievement’s of TAPP members over the past ten years and to be informed about current challenges. TAPP's latest success is the TS Onslow Shoreline Project.  

 “Mark McArdle has been a strong supporter of TAPP, and TAPP members thank Mark for his generous contribution that has enable this website to be launched.”

 “I would encourage everyone to take time to visit the new website and learn about the important environmental work that is taking place in our own backyard,” Mr McArdle said. 

 “Education and communication are important tools we can use to ensure that Passage remains in as good as if not better condition than when we received it,” Mr McArdle concluded. 

 The new website can be viewed at:



State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has today said he will support the Caloundra RSL Sub-Branch as they launch a petition to stop the resumption of 7.5m of their Registered War Memorial Gardens for a planned road upgrade in Caloundra.

 It comes as the community was recently made aware that the Sunshine Coast Council may cut into a significant portion of the RSL’s main memorial garden to make way for a four-lane roadway, bike lane and footpath that would connect the Nicklin Way to RSL’s fence line on Third Avenue. The purpose being to alleviate traffic on Caloundra Road.

 “I have had a number of meetings with concerned members of the Caloundra RSL Sub-Branch Executive Committee over the past few months about potential land resumption for a roadway extension, and unfortunately it appears the foremost plan would see the garden effectively destroyed,” Mr McArdle said.

 “I am acutely aware of the need to resolve traffic issues in Caloundra as this is something I have advocated for, for some time. The traffic congestion on approach to the Caloundra Road/ Nicklin Way Roundabout has a crippling impact on our workers’ and our residents’ ability to travel to and from Caloundra.

 “This is a matter that needs to be rectified with the utmost priority, however we must investigate a route for this road extension that protects this incredibly important memorial. It cannot be a case of the memorial gardens OR traffic congestion relief – we need to investigate a plan that allows for both to exist.

 “Last week I again met with members of the Executive Committee and a petition will be launched today so the community can put their name to the bid to save the memorial.”

 Heather Christie, Secretary of the RSL Sub-Branch said any disruption of the garden as a result of a resumption would be an unacceptable travesty.

 “The gardens were to be a memorial icon to commemorate all those who served in the Australian Defence Forces. They commemorate 39 conflicts that the Australian Defence Forces have served in,” Ms Christie said.

 “The gardens have been carefully planned to a Master Plan with a majority of features now in place, but with others yet to be constructed and/or placed.”

 “Application has been made to the Department of Environment and Heritage to have our gardens encrypted in the annals of History and they are now registered as a War memorial with Queensland War Memorial Register and also the Australian War Memorial.

 In view of our treasured asset any alteration of our gardens in favour of road resumption is not an option and we strongly object to such action,” Ms Christie concluded.

 “I will stand behind the RSL in their fight. This is a body that I have long supported, and this memorial represents men and women who gave their lives over many conflicts for the freedom we have today,” Mr McArdle said.

 “The community can support the RSL Sub-Branch by signing the petition which will be available at the Caloundra RSL, my office at 1/20 Ormuz Ave, and various businesses across the Sunshine Coast. The petition will also be available to sign whenever the Sub-Branch is running the Bunnings Caloundra sausage sizzle,” Mr McArdle concluded. 

Senior Fun Walk celebrates 20 years

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has today congratulated the Sunshine Coast Australian Pensions and Superannuants League on 20 successful years of organising the hugely popular Seniors Fun Walk, which took place over the weekend.

It comes as more than 400 people gathered early Sunday morning to take part in the annual Senior’s Week festivities organised by the group which included a picturesque 4km walk between Oaks Oasis Resort and the Caloundra Powerboat Club in Golden Beach.

“The APSL annual fun walk is about so much more than a morning stroll. It aims to promote physical activity and a positive outlook on aging, and it does so while also bringing people in our local community together,” Mr McArdle said.


“I commend the entire team for their hard work in putting this event together year after year and for always creating such a welcoming environment.

“In particular, congratulations to the organising committee which includes Frank Gower, May Shaw, Terry and Hellie Strath, Don Gilbert and Carole Stolk.”

APSL Sunshine Coast President Frank Gower said the event came from humble beginnings but it did not take long for it to grow into the bustling morning it is today.

“Our sole desire was to create an event that proves age is an attitude not a liability. We also wanted to get people out of the house and connected with their community,” Mr Gower said.

“We first held a Seniors Olympics in 2000 with a small turn out but we knew we were on the right track. We realised that the Coast didn’t have a fun walk for over 50s so that is what we put on the following year and we haven’t looked back.

“In the early years we averaged 200 attendees but it wasn’t long before we started to see an average of 400 people every year.

“Today, we have a 4km fun walk which culminates with a BBQ, trophy presentations and a forum to promote services and activities relevant to seniors and their families.

“It has been a fantastic 20 years. Thanks to everyone who helps make it possible including the Oaks Oasis Resort and the Caloundra Power Boat Club, Mark McArdle MP for sponsoring and presenting the trophies each year, the SES volunteers, Resolve Fitness and all the local Caloundra businesses who donate prizes.

“The walk will continue on for many years to come - promoting activity, mobility and social wellbeing,” Mr Gower concluded.

“Anyone who has organised a community event would understand that having this kind of long term success is no small feat,” Mr McArdle said.

“It has been a pleasure to be a sponsor, awards presenter and participant of the APSL fun walk for so many years.

“May we take a page out of their book and remember that age is all in the attitude,” Mr McArdle concluded.

William Landsborough Plaque will be replaced

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has today thanked the Caloundra Residents Association for working with him to push the issue of the long-deteriorated William Landsborough Memorial Plaque as Council finally confirms that it will be replaced.

“The Resident’s Association first made me aware of the state of the plaque earlier this year and I commend them for taking a special interest in ensuring its waning condition was not ignored,” Mr McArdle said.

William Landsboruogh Plaque.JPG

“I met with Ian Smyth (President), Peter Ryan and Brady Sullivan from the executive committee in July and we agreed that something needed to be done about the plaque.

Caloundra Residents Association Vice-President Peter Ryan said he was pleased that the Sunshine Coast Council had agreed to finance the replacement of the William Landsborough memorial plaque in the park named after him.

“The original plaque, well weathered and worn, recently uncovered by the association, is currently in an inconspicuous corner of the park which is in the centre of the Golden Beach Shopping Centre. Council decided to replace the plaque when it was found that repairs would be uneconomical,” Mr Ryan said.

“I believe this plaque and the park in which it resides, are important reminders to future generations of the contribution that explorer William Landsborough made to Caloundra,” Mr Ryan concluded.

“To some it may seems like a simple, nearly forgotten decoration on a plinth but this plaque and others like are important reminders of our history. Organisations such as the Residents Association play a vital role in monitoring these types of issues in our community to make sure they are being looked after by the relevant level of Government,” Mr McArdle said.

“Council has advised that officers were unable to restore the existing plaque and that they are currently arranging to install a new plaque in its place.

“I would like to congratulate Council on taking the step to replace this important memento of Caloundra’s history. I have written back to say that my offer to pay for at least half of the plaque still stands.

“I have also passed on the contact information of the Council’s Coordinator of Heritage Services to the Landsborough Museum so they can apply to display the plaque on loan. The team at the Museum say they would ‘all love to have the plaque on display’.

“All in all this is an excellent outcome for the memory of one of the founding fathers of Caloundra,” Mr McArdle concluded.

Charity Fishing Day good for families and good for the environment

Sunday 29th September, Caloundra Power Boat Club

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has proudly sponsored the Caloundra Power Boat Club -Fishing Club’s Take-A-Kid-Fishing Day for another year so Caloundra’s junior anglers can learn about responsible and sustainable recreational fishing.

Mr McArdle said the annual event, which is run by the dedicated volunteers of the CPBC Fishing Club, promotes a number of important values while giving families a fun day out on the water.

“Take-A-Kid-Fishing Day is about a lot more than just fishing. The Club’s aim is to foster family togetherness, exercise outdoors and connection with your local community while also teaching young and old the importance of respecting the environment,” Mr McArdle said.

“It is a phenomenal program that the men and women of the Fishing Club have created and I am all too happy to donate $1000 to help ensure this day remains free for those who attend.”

Terry Graham of CPBC Fishing Club accepts Mr McArdle’s sponsorship for this year’s Take-A-Kid-Fishing Day

Terry Graham of CPBC Fishing Club accepts Mr McArdle’s sponsorship for this year’s Take-A-Kid-Fishing Day

Terry Graham of the CPBC Fishing Club said the event has grown significantly since its inception 14 years ago.

“The Fishing Club commenced Take-A-Kid-Fishing Day in 2006 and we started off with just 35 children that year. Today, we expect over 200 coming – it’s a BIG day,” Mr Graham said.

“The goal of the day is to get the community involved in taking their children out to enjoy themselves and becoming more family oriented. But it is also about education around the environment and fishing safety.

“Fishing and the environment very much go hand-in-hand. Our club promotes: whatever you do on the water you must minimize the impact.

“We find it better to start with juniors because they really take on board what they learn and they take that information home. Parents often say - ‘My son or daughter told me I was doing the wrong thing because the Fishing Cub taught them that is the wrong thing’

“We think that’s a great outcome because the message is getting through,” Mr Graham concluded.

“Don’t forget to mark September 29th in your calendar to take your children or grandchildren fishing,” Mr McArdle said.

“Get outside for a great day with the family and help foster a deep love for the Pumicestone Passage and respect for the environment with the next generation of fishers,” Mr McArdle concluded.

Date: Sunday 29th September 2019 Location: Caloundra Power Boat Club

Registration: 7:00am–9:00am Weigh In: closes at 11.00am followed by Presentations

Cost: No entry fee. Free sausage sizzle and sample bags for the kids

Bring: Sunscreen, bait and fishing gear Major prizes: longest Whiting, Bream & Flathead

All children must be accompanied by an adult. Fishing permitted from boat, beach or shoreline.

Replacement of William Landsborough’s Memorial plaque stalled in “investigations”

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today said a community bid to have the memorial plaque of William Landsborough replaced has been stalled with Council as their team investigates the matter.

It comes as Mr McArdle wrote to the Council about his intentions to work with the Caloundra Residents Association to fund the replacement of a bronze plaque memorialising founding Caloundra settler and famous explorer William Landsborough, which has deteriorated over the years.


“After meeting with members of the local Residents Association, I wrote to the Council on 3 July to advise that I had received a quote of $1,032.90 to have an exact replica of the plaque cast in a stronger metal and affixed to the rock,” Mr McArdle said.

“I also asked, as this falls under the jurisdiction of Council, would they cover half the cost, otherwise I am prepared to fund it completely. I was promptly advised that the Community Response Team are ‘still investigating this matter’

“As we are nearing the expiry of the initial quote and I have yet to receive an update from Council, I wrote again today seeking permission to fund the plaque in full. As the plaque is the property of the Council I cannot undertake the replacement without their consent.

“In the follow-up letter I also requested the Council’s permission to donate the original plaque to the Landsborough Museum as it is a cultural artefact of great significance to our region and deserves a place in our historical archives.

“Until the time at which I am granted permission by Council to pay for the replacement of the memorial plaque, it appears it will remain in disrepair,” Mr McArdle concluded.

William Landsborough was one of Queensland’s earliest explorers, best known for leading the search for Burke and Wills, and becoming the first European to cross the continent from the Gulf to Melbourne. Landsborough purchased 2372 acres of land on the Pumicestone Passage that he named “Loch Lamerough” – which is modern day Golden Beach. Landsborough passed away in 1886 and was laid to rest on his land. In 1913 his widow had him re-interred in Toowong Cemetery.

Labor State Government sells historic caravan site out from under Caloundra’s nose

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle wants to know who in the Palaszczuk Labor Government signed off to give freehold title on one of Caloundra’s most valuable pieces of land to a developer.

It comes as the Caloundra community was only this week made aware that the State Government converted the Tripcony Hibiscus Caravan Park lease from leasehold to freehold, just eight years after promising it would remain as public land for the next 30 years.

“Not only did this Labor Government sign the papers to freehold land they promised they would not freehold, but this is a Government that blatantly sold an asset after saying they would not sell assets,” Mr McArdle said.

“To add insult to injury, they have sold away public land without telling the people of Caloundra, and they will not disclose how much money they made off the sale.

“Back in 2007-08 the lease on this site was coming to an end and there was much community debate about what should happen to such an iconic and valuable pieces of Caloundra land. On 27 April 2008, Premier Anna Bligh and Minister Craig Wallace attended Caloundra to announce that one of the State’s oldest coastal camping grounds would be retained so Queensland families could continue to enjoy affordable beach holidays on the Sunshine Coast.

“Importantly, and I would say critically, this Government did not consult with anyone in Caloundra about their intentions to freehold and sell an iconic parcel of land.

“There was a clear, moral obligation for the Palaszczuk Labor Government to do the right thing and they have failed this important test.

“We will never get this land back and the legacy is a government that failed the people of Caloundra!” Mr McArdle concluded.

Tripcony Caravan Park Site.png

Wheels finally turning in Baringa’s school bus fight

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today congratulated the Baringa community for their perseverance as the long fight for a school bus service looks set, finally, for a win with the Palaszczuk Labor Government having to be dragged to the table to see common sense.

“My office received a phone call from Buslink on the morning of July 22 advising that a new school bus service had been approved. It will extend into Baringa and take students from the area to Meridan State College,” Mr McArdle said.

School bus supporters gathered at the May 18, 2019 Bus Forum

School bus supporters gathered at the May 18, 2019 Bus Forum

“We have also been advised the new service ‘Route 5737’, will travel from Unity College to Baringa State Primary School then to Meridan College and back, and will begin on 9 September. We now need to wait for more details to be announced by Buslink but this is excellent news in a long fought battle by this community.

“Congratulation to everyone who has lent their voices to this issue, in particular Principal Petitioner Jamie Broderick. No one gave up, no one backed down and now Baringa’s most important residents, children, will have their school bus.”

Baringa’s State High School is not set to open until the 2021 school year leaving students to commute to other schools in the catchment including Meridan State College. However, the existing school bus service stops only at Unity College forcing students to walk upwards for 5km to catch their bus. Mr McArdle sponsored Mrs Broderick’s petition and held a community forum on 18 May in which Buslink representatives finally committed to working with parents to find a solution.

“It is incomprehensible that the Palaszczuk Labor Government opened Baringa State Primary School but leaving grade seven students without a school bus service to attend grade 7,” Mr McArdle said.

“It is sad that it took a community forum and countless hours of communication to get the State Government to see that Baringa’s children need a safe, reliable bus service to get them to school.

“Needless to say, the wheels are finally turning and soon these student will have their bus,” Mr McArdle concluded.