LNP plan to crack down on youth crime on the Sunshine Coast

Youth crime on the Sunshine Coast will be tackled by tough new laws and an overhaul to the justice system if the LNP wins the next state election on October 31.

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle said the LNP’s comprehensive plan to crack down on youth crime would increase community safety.

As part of the LNP’s comprehensive youth crime plan, youth offenders on bail will be monitored 24/7, there will be mandatory detention for third convictions, a Community Payback Farm program will be established to rehabilitate repeat offenders, youth bail houses will be scrapped, and justice reinvestment will be trialled to increase early intervention.

“Everyone on the Sunshine Coast has a right to feel safe in their home and out on the streets,” Mr McArdle said.

“Youth crime is one of the major issues families on the Sunshine Coast are telling me is out of control.

“We need to make a stand against youth crime on the Sunshine Coast, but Labor hasn’t got the guts to tackle the problem.”

Robbery in on the Sunshine Coast has increased by 121% since Annastacia Palaszczuk became Premier while unlawful use of a motor vehicle has increased 86%.

“An LNP Government will stop youth crime in its tracks with our comprehensive plan,” Mr McArdle said.

“We will scrap Labor’s ‘catch and release’ laws that let juvenile offenders get away with crime.

“The LNP’s plan is all about preventing youth crime, cracking down on offenders with new laws and tougher penalties, and rehabilitating repeat offenders to break the cycle and slam the revolving door closed.

“Local police are stretched to the limit from catching the same offenders time and time again.

“There will be true consequences for young repeat offenders under an LNP Government, not just slaps on the wrist like under Labor.

“I know the people of the Sunshine Coast want a safe community and a strong economy that provides good, secure jobs.”