Landsborough Rail Overpass Proposal

As part of the State Government’s plan to duplicate the North Coast rail line, the Department of Transport and Main Roads has proposed a new rail corridor between Landsborough and Nambour, which will replace the existing North Coast line through this section of the Sunshine Coast.

The Department as highlighted a number of major road and rail infrastructure changes that they deem necessary to accommodate this new corridor.

Landsborough specifically will see significant changes under the Department’s current proposal.

These changes include:

·        Replacement of the Caloundra Street level crossing in Landsborough with a grade separated road over rail solution

·        Extension of the passing loop at Landsborough to the North

·        Expansion of the park and ride facility in Landsborough

My office had received hundreds of calls, letters and emails from concerned residents and business owners who feel that the community has not be adequately consulted on the changes that will impact Landsborough.

Since the announcement of these changes was made late last year, myself and Andrew Powell, Shadow Minister for Transport and Main Roads, have met with the Department, project officers and the community with the aim of finding a win-win solution.

This dedicated page has been created for you to view the Government’s proposal and to submit your suggestions by completing the enquiry form below. In the coming weeks and months I will keep you updated with any new information via email with the contact details you provide to my office. 


Community Updates  

Media Release - Community consultation a certainty for Landsborough Rail Overpass plan - 28 August 2018

Members of the Landsborough Sub-Committee made an important trip to State Parliament last Wednesday with State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle to discuss the contentious issue of a proposed Rail Overpass in Landsborough with Mark Bailey, the Minister for Transport and Main Roads. 

Mr McArdle said that while last week’s meeting with the Minister was preliminary only - with many more expected in the future – the discussion would give the community a bit more clarity surrounding the project. 

“Firstly, I would like to thank the members of the committee who came down to the meeting with Mr Bailey,” Mr McArdle said. 

“The Minister was open and frank during our discussions, and there were a few important take away points from the meeting:

“It is now certain that the overpass at Landsborough will go ahead and the State Government will be closing the level crossing at the rail line. 

“However, we have some way to go before any shovel breaks ground on this project. 

“Members of the committee who attended the meeting questioned the Minister about community input and Mr Bailey made it clear that nothing would be finalised without community consultation taking place. It is also important to note the current proposal is only a ‘reference plan’ and costing and a specific timeline are not yet complete. 

“It is likely at this stage that two or more construction companies will compete for tender which means Landsborough will be given the best opportunity for the best outcome.

“The sub-committee was formed under the umbrella of the Glasshouse Country Chamber of Commerce after the Labor Government announce a possible overpass at Landsborough in 2016. 

“The residents and business owners who make up this committee are strong members of the community, committed to ensuring everyone has a fair say and they will remain active for the foreseeable future.

“For those interested in being directly involved, I would encourage you to join the Glasshouse Country Chamber of Commerce and immerse yourself in the Committee. 

“However, I will continue to keep the greater Landsborough community informed of all progress on this project.”

To be added to Landsborough Rail Overpass Community emailing list, please send your details For more information about joining the Glasshouse Country Chamber of Commerce and the Landsborough Sub Committee please visit


Landsborough Overpass Update - 5 OCTOBER 2017

Recently a local TV station ran the comment “The State Government says that it’s getting on with the job, undertaking environmental surveys and developing a business case for the $600m project.” 

Grace Grace, Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations further stated “--- the Palaszczuk Government gets on with building the infrastructure.” 

The comments were made in relation to the duplication of the rail line between Beerburrum and Landsborough. As part of this process the State Government will put in an overpass as they have told us they will close the rail crossing at Landsborough. We have, and still, commit to full public consultation in relation to the crossing before any action is taken.

Mark McArdle
State Member for Caloundra

Andrew Powell
Shadow Minister for Transport and Main Roads
State Member for Glasshouse



State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle and Shadow Transport Minister Andrew Powell today promised to send the Landsborough Rail Overpass proposal back to the drawing board with real consultation.

Andrew Powell (Shadow Minister for Transport), Cheryl Rutland-Lockett (BP Landsborough), Ashley Grigor (Landsborough IGA) and Mark McArdle(State Member for Caloundra)

Andrew Powell (Shadow Minister for Transport), Cheryl Rutland-Lockett (BP Landsborough), Ashley Grigor (Landsborough IGA) and Mark McArdle(State Member for Caloundra)

“The Labor Government proposed an overpass going East to West over the rail line, shutting off many businesses from passing road traffic, affecting people’s livelihood and hitting home owners who could lose their homes and devalue property values in the area.” Mr McArdle said

“Yet despite all this, in September 2016 only a limited number of people in Landsborough were told of Labor’s plan to put the Overpass in their town after the so called ‘reference design’ had been completed. Sadly they didn’t ask the community beforehand.” Mr McArdle said. 
“The so-called consultation happened between 6 October and 14 October 2016 but only people who “may potentially be directly affected” were notified of the consultation by a letter dated 28 September. The bulk of business owners and home owners had no idea what was happening because they were not told.” Mr McArdle said. 

“The Labor Government tried to pull a swifty just like they did in Beerwah a number of years ago - keep people in the dark and then move to shut down any public consultation. Those of us who were here remember the chaos that caused in Beerwah, but it won’t happen in Landsborough.” Mr Powell said. 

Mr Powell and Mr McArdle attended a government briefing in November last year and were told further community consultation would be happening. Despite requests for more information they have met a stone wall. 

“You can’t treat people like that. At a public meeting in December 2016, which about 300 people attended, it was made very clear that people wanted a say in the future of Landsborough, in fact demanded it.” Mr Powell said. 

“This hasn’t happened and we are here today to announce the LNP will restart the process with consultation first. Any determination as to what should happen with the crossing is a very serious matter both economically and socially. The people who live and work in Landsborough must be involved from day one.” Mr Powell said. 

“Plans of this nature affect local residents deeply and if this matter needs to be considered in the future then the public will be on board from day one and their opinions will be respected.” Mr McArdle said. 

“It’s important to always remember local people have knowledge that a bureaucrat sitting in an office in George Street can never have and it is that input that is vital to make a decision that is to deliver long term benefits.” Mr Powell concluded. 


State Budget - 20 June 2017

In the State Budget released last week, no funding was allocated for the duplication of the rail line from Beerburrum to Nambour. Further, no funding was provided for the overpass at Landsborough Station. This does not mean the project will not go ahead, simply there is no funding at this time. At the same time I can say the project has not been withdrawn. This still leaves residents of Landsborough impacted, with the value of their home or businesses greatly reduced. My announcement is very close on where I stand on this issue. 


Imminent Announcement on the Landsborough Railway Overpass Proposal - 31 May 2017

The Landsborough Railway Overpass is a very important local issue in Landsborough but the State Government, from day one have not consulted the population. They have taken no account of the social or economic consequences of what they are planning to do and the impact could be devastating if it goes wrong. It has all the Hallmarks of what happened in Beerwah not that long ago and we know in Beerwah that the downturn was long and deep. The State Government, despite my numerous requests, have not come to the party for a further meeting. In the immediate future I intend to outline very clearly what the LNP will do with the State Government’s plan, so please watch this space.   


Responce from Building Queensland - 3 April 2017

I have now been provided with the contact details for Steve Kanowski of the Department of Transport and Main Roads. I will be in touch with Mr. Kanowski in regards to setting up a meeting with Translink as a matter of urgency. I will keep you updated on the progress of this communication and when we have a meeting scheduled. 


Follow up with Building Queensland - 31 March 2017


Response from Building Queensland - 23 March 2017

Below is a copy of the email response from Damian Gould of Building Queensland, flicking the matter on to somebody else. 
I think someone needs to take ownership of this issue as a matter of urgency. 


Meeting Request Follow Up with Building Queensland - 23 March 2017

I have yet to hear back from Building Queensland regarding my letter of 6 March 2017 sent to Damian Gould requesting a meeting with myself and Andrew Powell. 

Below is the follow up letter that has been sent today requesting that this meeting be set up as a matter of urgency. 


McArdle pushes forward on Landsborough Rail Overpass dispute despite delays - 7 march 2017

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has said that despite coming up against a number of delays he will continue to push the Government to listen to community concerns about a proposed rail overpass in Landsborough. 

It comes as planned meetings with the Department and a follow-up community forum have been continually delayed due to unexpected changes in important contacts as well as the recent Transport Minister shuffle. 

“Late last year we were moving quickly on this issue but recently I became concerned that things were beginning to drag, and it was in no small part due to the uncertainty of the Transport portfolio.” Mr McArdle said. 

“In February I made contact with Deputy Premier Jackie Trad to ensure that the matter had not been ‘lost in transit’.” Mr McArdle said.  

“I have received a letter on 6 March 2017 from the Minister acknowledging that correspondence had been received and advising the next stage for community consultation” Mr McArdle said

“I am advised that, as discussed at your meeting on 9 November 2016 with Mr David Quinn, Chief Executive Officer of Building Queensland and Mr Andrew Powell MP, Member for Glasshouse, only a high-level reference design has been prepared at part of the B2N business case at this stage.” The letter read

“Feedback received on the reference design during the October 2016 community consultation period has been incorporated into the consultation report that accompanies the business case, which will be considered by the government in 2017. If approved to proceed, this feedback will also be considered in future stages of the project. It is expected that future stages will include further consultation with the local community to inform that detailed design for construction.” The letter concluded.   

To add to the setbacks, in February Mr McArdle was informed that the key contact at Building Queensland Acting CEO David Quinn who has been preparing the ground work for the government to decide if the project would proceed had been replaced by permanent CEO Damian Gould. 

“I understand the community’s concerns as we now bring this well debated issue to new ears.” Mr McArdle said. 

“I have asked for a meeting with Mr Gould and will keep all informed followed by a public meeting.” 


Collating your Feedback - 1 February 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended the community forum late last year to discuss the Government’s current proposal for the Landsborough Rail Overpass. The turnout was considerable with many lending their voice to a robust discussion on the matter; I would have expected no less from the Landsborough community.

For those who were not able to attend the forum, a number of important questions were raised about how this proposal could impact businesses, residential property and ultimately the livelihood of Landsborough. We also heard some community suggestions for an alternative to the overpass including traffic lights, relocating the overpass and even a rail underpass. We each have our own views on the proposal as we will each impacted differently, but what is clear is the frustration felt all around.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads have stated in their short October 2016 publication regarding the Beerburrum to Nambour Rail Upgrade project, that their team “is committed to engaging with the community” on this matter. However, the feedback collected at our forum demonstrates how many people feel that adequate measures have not been taken by the Department to keep them information. Especially those whose property or businesses will be directly impacted under this plan. 
We want to work with the government to get a win-win solution but if the government does not come to the party and acts alone the people of this community will turn. I will do what I can to ensure that our concerns are heard. 

My office has been working to collate the hundreds of the enquiry forms submitted, detailing your suggestions and other solutions for this proposal. I will now take these messages to the Department of Transport and Main Roads and Building Queensland in preparation for a second community forum with their project managers in attendance.


Community Forum - 13 December 2016

Close to 300 people packed the Landsborough Hall Tuesday morning to have their say on the State Government’s proposed Landsborough Rail Overpass and the impact it could have on homes and businesses. 

The forum, hosted by Caloundra MP Mark McArdle and Glass House MP Andrew Powell comes as local residents have expressed concerns over the State Government’s mixed messaging about the proposal. 

Mr McArdle said that inconsistent messaging, coupled with a very short community consultation period has left many hinterland residents feeling fearful and overlooked. 

“These types of changes can have considerable impact on a town such as Landsborough and the community has every right to have their views heard.” Mr McArdle said

“Everyone’s opinion on this proposal is valuable. Thank you to all who took the time to add their voice this important conversation.” Mr McArdle said

“We now need to work together with the government to find a win-win solution otherwise the people of this community will quickly turn on the government.” 

Attendees were asked to complete feedback forms detailing their questions and suggestions which will be collated and presented to the Department of Transport and Main Roads and Building Queensland. 

Mr McArdle said his next course of action will be to set up another public meeting with the Department and other project managers in attendance for the New Year.  

“This proposal stage for this overpass is not yet over therefore the community discussions are also not over.” Mr McArdle said.  

Almost 300 packed Landsborough Hall

Almost 300 packed Landsborough Hall


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