Landsborough Rail Overpass Local Reference Group to be established in June

Photo taken at the October 2019 LORC Meeting

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today advised that after a conversation with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, a Reference Group to assist and be the community contact for the Landsborough Overpass will be established in June of this year.

“I wanted to find out what the current position was and I had a teleconference with the new Regional Director of T.M.R. late last week. He advised me a Reference Group would be established to deal with the Landsborough Overpass with expressions of interest from locals being sought in June of this year,” Mr McArdle said.

“Landsborough residents have significant concerns about the Overpass and to reflect these concerns there must be a separate group to look at the issues.

“This is an important issue for Landsborough. It also confirms the Government’s intent to deliver an Overpass.

“I have sent an email directly to the head of the Landsborough Overpass Reference Committee (L.O.R.C.) stating the need for them to apply to be part of the Reference Group.

“Tim Fitzpatrick the head of the L.O.R.C. and his team have worked hard for a long time to find a solution that is going to be, as best as possible, a win-win for all concerned.

“Importantly a local Reference Group will consult with the local community on an ongoing basis.

“The Landsborough Overpass has been an issue for years, with the community strongly against the current landing site of the Overpass on the western side of the rail line which will have massive social and economic impacts.

“Importantly the community must have a say in this process. The community must make their voices heard and obtain the best outcome.

“The Department also confirmed that funding for construction is not yet available. Given our current financial position it may be some time away but don’t bank on that. The fact the group is being established is proof it will happen,” Mr McArdle concluded.