Sunshine Coast Public Hospital Complaints

Do you have a problem regarding access to medical care at Sunshine Coast Public Hospitals? 

Please take the time today to share any concerning experiences accessing medical care you or a member of your family have had at a Sunshine Coast public hospital. The information you submit through the web page will be held by the Office of the State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle and kept strictly confidential. No information will be passed on to Government Departments, Health Practitioners, other State MPs or any other party without your written consent.

This is not the formal process to make a complaint about Queensland Health. If you wish to do so please visit the

Office of the Health Ombudsman via 133 646 or 

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Sunshine Coast Public Hospital Complaint Form

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The information submitted in this form will be kept strictly confidential by the Office of the State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle. Please complete the information you are comfortable providing but note that we will only be able to progress your complaint if you provide at least one means by which the Caloundra Electorate Office can contact you. No information in this form will be passed on to another party without your verbal and written consent.
Sunshine Coast Public Hospital Complaint
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To the best of your ability, provide an overview of the incident or issue that occurred at/in relation to a Sunshine Coast Public Hospital. At this time keep your response to a maximum of 2 pages. Further information can be provided at a later date if it is required.
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