Caloundra Road, The Longest Carpark on the Sunshine Coast, Congestion must be dealt with

Traffic at Caloundra Road/ Nicklin Way Roundabout

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today said that despite the pandemic Caloundra residents must continue to look to the future and fight for critical infrastructure.

“Clearly the congestion on Caloundra Road needs to be dealt with and having a definitive plan is essential. The future of Caloundra depends upon this,” Mr McArdle said.

“There is no clearer evidence of that then the need to address the congestion that will return to Caloundra Road when we return to “normal business”.

“These are at least three areas that must be addressed:

  1. Caloundra Road / Nicklin Way Roundabout
  2. The intersection of Caloundra Road and Ridgewood Road, and
  3. The Caloundra Road / Kawana Way Link Road Roundabout

“The State Government is looking at the pandemic issues but we will remind them that it will come to an end and the congestion will return, so let’s not lose time.

“When we are out of the pandemic, the need to grow Caloundra’s economic base will be more important than ever. This will result in the past traffic hotspots again becoming crisis spots as the economy starts to recover and grow.

“Now is the time to look at our future and consider how best we deal with the economic, environmental and social changes and challenges we will face.

“If you’re sitting in traffic you are loosing time and burning petrol and if you run a business add to that lost productivity and wages.

“I therefore continue to plan for Caloundra Road as it is pivotal to our future on many fronts,” Mr McArdle concluded.