McArdle still waits for Caloundra Hospital Planning Authority Meeting

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today stated that, despite a request forwarded on 5 November to the Chief Executive Office of the Sunshine Coast H.H.S. seeking a meeting with the team planning the ‘Sunshine Coast Master Clinical Service Plan,’ he has not even received a courtesy of a replay let alone confirmation that a meeting would occur.

 “The arrogance of not engaging widely with all stakeholders and consumers, particularly after the Health Minister stated in Answer to a Question on Notice:

                                ‘The Master Clinical Service Plan project is engaging widely —’

shows how little regard Labor has for the concerns of ‘stakeholders and consumers’ in Caloundra,” Mr McArdle said.

 “I would have thought that engaging with a Member of Parliament would have fitted one of the categories of ‘stakeholders and consumers’. Absolutely, I don’t hold medical qualifications, but I am approached by many people who raise questions as to what services could be provided and that information should be fed into the process, and information I gain fed back to the community.

 “In the October 2019 edition of the Sunshine Coast Local Medical Association’s newsletter, it stated that there had been ‘— an excellent turnout for the first of our stakeholder meeting, which will inform our 10-year Master Clinical Service Plan’

 “The newsletter also shows a map of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services area showing the population in 2016 at 407,638 but in 2031 it will be 554,782.

 “This is a 36% increase and that increase: ‘—includes expansion in the southern end of the Coast with close to 60,000 people joining Caloundra South postcodes.’ Undoubtably including Aura.

 “As I have said before I want to discuss the services needed in Caloundra over the next 10 years given the enormous population growth in Aura and Harmony. In particular, the Caloundra Minor Injury and Illness Centre (MIIC) at Caloundra Hospital needs to be looked at to expand the variety of services it provides.

 “We’ve had disaster after disaster under past Labor Governments – the Health Payroll debacle, fake Tahitian Prince and waiting lists – and the current stewardship has all the hallmarks of the disasters that occurred under Beattie and Bligh. We don’t want to go back to that horrific time.

 “I have again written to the CEO seeking a meeting with the Authority,” Mr McArdle concluded.